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Přemysl Eric Janouch a9b46141a9
xS/xN: add test targets
Alpine 3.19 Success Details
Arch Linux AUR Success Details
OpenBSD 7.3 Success Details
2024-04-10 13:59:33 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c38cca3b92
Bump liberty
Arch Linux AUR Success Details
Alpine 3.19 Success Details
2024-04-09 17:08:40 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch aee7540faa
Update README.adoc and xN usage output 2024-04-04 21:25:17 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 53ba996ec9
Add a simple IRC notifier utility
Arch Linux AUR Success Details
2024-04-03 15:56:33 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d450c6cc5f
xP: do not send the Referrer header 2024-03-04 16:15:22 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f8ea1634c4
Bump liberty 2024-03-04 16:15:22 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ef257cd575
xP: avoid expensive updates/refreshes 2024-01-06 23:44:11 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 69eccc7065
xP: don't let buffers grow indefinitely
Primarily for performance reasons.
2024-01-06 21:17:18 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 13d2ff115b
xM: improve the bundle icon a bit 2023-09-04 07:06:03 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9e4692bb09
xM: generate and use a bundle icon 2023-09-03 02:13:14 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 1c4343058d
Add a Cocoa frontend for xC
Some work remains to be done to get it to be even as good
as the Win32 frontend, but it's generally usable.
2023-09-01 01:12:51 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e5156cddbf
xW: render leaked lines a bit more accurately
There is no need to reset all text attributes, just the colour.
2023-08-25 22:48:31 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 34521e61c1
xP/xW: fix buffer rename handling
Maintaining string pointers to the current/last buffer
means that renames invalidate them.
2023-08-25 22:48:31 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c22dd67fc1
xC: send missing relay events for newly added servers 2023-08-25 22:48:27 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 274d5f03e7
xC: give the /away command a proper handler
Multiple words should be passed to the server as a single argument.
2023-08-25 22:46:43 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2f19e5a733
xW: improve command sending 2023-07-29 02:15:24 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b9cdabca5d
xC: fix relay handling of missing log files
Intermediate error messages would trash the prepared static buffer.
2023-07-28 04:30:45 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f60ca43156
xW: do not unnecessarily enter compatibility mode 2023-07-28 04:30:45 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch afe4e61f08
xW: mark a footgun
These messages are used by IsDialogMessage(), and use the WM_USER range.
2023-07-27 23:08:16 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8d9d1c60ec
xW: make Up/Down go through input history
The input field isn't multiline, so this doesn't pose an issue.
Otherwise, we'd have to check if we're on the top line first.
2023-07-27 16:35:54 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8c1464822b
xW: don't delay sending out pongs 2023-07-27 16:19:32 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch fcd1b8e011
xW: improve beeping
This adds yet another build dependency,
but it's better than the alternatives of handling it in code.
2023-07-27 16:06:41 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3d345987c3
xW: cleanup 2023-07-27 02:37:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3e37efd9cd
xW: show a connect dialog when run without args 2023-07-27 01:28:52 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch efb25b8aae
xW: un-highlight the icon when activating buffers 2023-07-26 16:07:21 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e72793e315
xW: make newline before unread marker conditional 2023-07-26 16:07:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5a412ab6e2
xW: handle WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE 2023-07-26 16:07:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 81bc578773
xW: add missing date change handling 2023-07-26 03:59:25 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 100de5ac2d
xC: fix Readline 6.3 compatibility 2023-07-24 07:59:22 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c157d3369f
xP: make Page Up/Down in editor scroll the buffer
Just like in xW recently.  It is unlikely that the user would want
to use these keys to move the cursor.  Ctrl+Home/End still work,
as does holding Up/Down arrows.

Also stop using the deprecated and somewhat cryptic keyCode.
2023-07-23 00:20:32 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8b5ea67aff
xW: fix Clang build 2023-07-21 12:37:01 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 6f02af814f
xW: store the largest program icon in PNG format
This shaves off about half a megabyte.
2023-07-16 08:35:39 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 90859107c8
xW: set version information 2023-07-15 23:35:46 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 0219dbd026
Add a Win32 frontend for xC
This has been more of an exercise.  The performance of Msftedit.dll
is rather abysmal, and its interface isn't the most accomodating.

That said, the frontend is quite usable, at least on Windows 10+.
2023-07-15 17:00:21 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 1da4699a7a
Cleanup 2023-07-09 09:35:16 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9e993c50e6
xC: don't crash with unknown terminals
It would be possible to avoid using cur_term fields in this case,
but the program would likely be of little use anyway.
2023-07-07 10:43:15 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b3e9218b23
Fix Cygwin build warnings 2023-07-07 09:53:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch bc8867eb22
Fix the integration test
IRCv3 capabilities broke it a bit.

Also change it so that it doesn't destroy existing configuration.
2023-07-05 00:16:55 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ec33adba35
Update README.adoc 2023-07-04 23:50:01 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 6f596f1dcb
Move project version to file, add xS manual page
So far Go applications remain independent to handle Nix's inability
to easily combine them with the CMake part.

There is also no "install" target, because any packagers will want to
adjust installation paths manually, and there is no configure step.
2023-07-04 23:26:05 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch abcff46dc4
xC: fix an OpenBSD build warning
sys/cdefs.h makes _XOPEN_SOURCE cause _POSIX_C_SOURCE to be overriden.
2023-07-04 06:31:02 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8d9ce92758
README.adoc: update package information 2023-07-01 22:02:10 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 4bb9449e47
Fix the static analysis test
Adjust its query so that it doesn't cause a particular false positive.
2023-06-16 19:45:12 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 50f70f93bb
xC: fix a harmless copy-paste error 2023-06-13 09:02:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3f9a365d36
xC: improve the --format mode
Avoid having formatting spill over the rest of the line,
by placing the automatic formatting reset before newlines.

Also handle longer lines properly.
2023-05-22 04:44:01 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9932b35a10
xP: highlight hovered buffer list items
To make it apparent which one would be closed by a middle click.
2023-04-14 10:58:19 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch af5f209c53
xP: make middle click close buffers
As if they were tabs, to save pointless typing.
2023-04-13 04:26:40 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 6bfe577f1b
xP: make the buffer list selectable by Vimium 2023-04-05 23:10:41 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 1079189381
xP: render date changes as they happen 2023-01-25 00:31:57 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c58b772905
xP: use the correct log function 2023-01-25 00:28:03 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 26ed2dbc77
xC: fully synchronize input history with frontends
The missing parts were:

 - frontends to client
 - client to frontends after the initial sync
 - frontend to other frontends
2022-10-05 00:55:59 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 4b7258cba0
xP: fix ESC H detection on Macintosh systems 2022-10-04 20:17:31 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9dc3dd02f3
xP: disable WebSocket compression on Safari
Wildly known to be broken.
2022-10-04 01:17:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch a7c3ed7cc1
xC: clean up 2022-09-30 18:30:03 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 807a8c37d9
Bump liberty, improve fallback manual page output 2022-09-30 18:17:23 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c4707e2803
xC/xP: send buffer input history during sync
This transfer is currenly quite simplistic,
but it paves the way for further extensions.
2022-09-30 17:36:29 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 46d68eacce
Move protocol code generators to liberty
This part of the project is now more or less stable.
2022-09-30 03:24:24 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 86278c154c
Clean up protocol code generators 2022-09-30 03:24:13 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 941ee2f10c
xP: fix automatic scrolling down
Showing channel logs cancelled the AbortController forever.
Thus store it within vnodes.
2022-09-28 21:29:08 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5b57e9b41b
xC/xP: fix unseen message counting
xC: advance unread message counters even with leaked messages,
and don't unnecessarily set the highlighted flag.  Plus clean up.

xP: make leaked non-unimportant messages advance the counter
for unimportant messages, so that the buffer doesn't get emboldened.
2022-09-28 21:20:59 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 4d99690b89
xS: parse project version from CMakeLists.txt 2022-09-27 23:48:12 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 7c74e6615d
xD: use SHA-256 for certificate fingerprints
Just like xS.  2.0.0 is the ideal time for such a breaking change.
2022-09-26 13:58:08 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 614fd98fc1
Update README 2022-09-26 13:42:45 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5863040f93
Update documentation, clean up 2022-09-26 13:24:24 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f891e5ca63
Merge hid IRCd from haven as xS
Given that this project already contains a Go binary,
it only makes sense to put the IRCds back together.
2022-09-26 12:41:47 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8344b09c4f
hid: rename to xS before merge into xK 2022-09-26 12:23:58 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 4d50ed111a
Bump liberty, make use of its new asciiman.awk 2022-09-25 21:02:51 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e15c9cba43
xP: use a dotted border for button focus
It's visible enough.
2022-09-25 11:08:50 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 66370387bc
Update documentation 2022-09-23 20:35:56 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2bc3ac7b0d
Update screenshots
It's been five years since the previous xC screenshot was made.
2022-09-23 19:00:31 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2c54f5a5dd
xP: make the overlay actually overlay 2022-09-23 19:00:31 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f2d8de3ab9
xP: support adding formatting from keyboard
Just like in xC, only with some indication.
2022-09-23 09:42:24 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 67d52a2d89
xP: fix up link detection
Allow balanced parantheses at the end of a link.
2022-09-23 09:42:23 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ef3d1cc409
xP: add formatting buttons
And fix autoscroll autoenabler, as well as toolbar padding.

Only add the basic toggles, which should be well supported.
2022-09-23 09:41:29 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e6bf88673f
xP: produce a custom font for IRC formatting
Given that the generated file needs a manual adjustment,
its small size, and the dependencies involved,
it will be checked in to the repository.
2022-09-22 20:18:55 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 4a2740313c
Give up on the X11 frontend for now
There seem to be only a few things it could bring to the table,
compared to xP, making it barely worth the effort:

 - saner keyboard controls,
 - GVIM integration,
 - slightly improved resource usage.
2022-09-21 18:30:25 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d3628928b9
xC/xP: relay and render channel modes 2022-09-21 16:32:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 1f0e0b1ce4
xP: only care about RPC results if requested
This prevents "No response" errors from firing for most commands.
2022-09-21 14:31:16 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 919b12510b
xC/xP: relay and render channel topics 2022-09-21 12:15:27 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 414859d309
xP: improve paging 2022-09-21 07:34:17 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5a7f2d16df
xP: clean up DOM attributes 2022-09-21 06:23:59 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b8061b665d
Silence spurious compiler warnings 2022-09-21 05:21:45 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 807bdea2ea
Update README 2022-09-20 19:08:14 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8a689c98b4
xC: fix autocomplete in server buffers 2022-09-20 17:34:01 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9327333813
xC/xP: show own user's info in frontends 2022-09-20 17:24:30 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 7806d4bd4e
xC/xP: improve rendering of highlighting actions 2022-09-20 15:30:07 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c0e1cd57b2
Make sure to always find installed plugins 2022-09-19 04:26:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 00184811ea
xP: make the prompt look more xC-like 2022-09-19 03:18:31 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ec20fdef7b
xP: show all completion options 2022-09-18 05:54:23 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 21e5d80ab1
xC: improve Readline completion
The autocomplete for /set used to be extremely annoying,
and menu-complete-display-prefix also prevents mistaken highlights.

One downside is that using plain Tab in channels no longer
just inserts the last-talking nickname, one needs to press it twice.
2022-09-18 02:48:28 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ff243c1d11
xP: implement Readline's M-l, M-u, M-c 2022-09-18 01:59:11 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e2ef7d668c
xP: implement Readline's M-b and M-f 2022-09-18 01:10:03 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b979257c3a
xP: implement Readline's M-< and M-> 2022-09-18 01:10:03 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 840b646700
xC: reorganize relay code, improve logging
Even with one forward function declaration down,
it was possible to move most code to a more convenient location.

Most logging has thus been fixed to go to buffers.
2022-09-17 00:32:14 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 126105fa4f
xC: don't abort on accept() failure
Just disable the relay.
2022-09-17 00:31:23 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e2f3fc2e79
xC: clean up 2022-09-17 00:31:23 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b55bae50df
Update some documentation 2022-09-16 03:52:49 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 430968e5d5
xP: make non-connected states more apparent 2022-09-16 03:19:48 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d5153fe354
xC/xP: implement M-H in the web frontend 2022-09-16 02:52:16 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ee76186bef
xP: abandon the idea of a configuration file 2022-09-16 01:21:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 6f39aa6615
xP: use the binary protocol for incoming events
And batch event messages together as much as possible.

JSON has proven itself to be really slow
(for example, encoding/json.Marshaler is a slow interface),
and browsers have significant overhead per WS message.

Commands are still sent as JSON, sending them in binary
would be a laborious rewrite without measurable merits.

The xP server now only prints debug output when requested,
because that was another source of major slowdowns.
2022-09-16 00:51:11 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e87cc90b5e
xP: improve comments in protocol code generator 2022-09-15 05:12:07 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 98b0a4ef3d
xP: further optimize JSON marshalling 2022-09-15 03:16:16 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9cf44aa4dd
xP: speed up log decoding 2022-09-15 02:32:58 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b53fc1918f
xP: fix log JSON serialization 2022-09-15 01:51:40 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 92f2f6895b
xP: use buffered reads 2022-09-14 07:11:05 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c1d2e38840
xP: generate our own JSON marshallers
For non-trivial types, which are expensive to serialize
with encoding/json's struct reflection.
2022-09-14 06:56:36 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f89f21a47f
xP: pass all events through one handler
This is a mild clean up.
2022-09-14 06:56:36 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch fa85ea8208
xP: parallelize event reception and sending
Still trying to make the frontend load tolerably fast,
still unsuccessfully.
2022-09-14 06:56:36 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b728235b6c
xP: move to a WebSocket package with compression
Compression happens to be broken in Safari,
though luckily there are friendlier browsers one can use.
2022-09-14 06:56:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d31ab67268
xC: mildly optimize relay traffic 2022-09-14 01:01:19 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b2b3093e0e
xP: remove debugging protocol logs from JS 2022-09-14 01:01:10 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch a551e911ab
xP: adjust buffer list iteration and styling
M-a and M-! should iterate, rather than keep jumping back
to the same buffers.

The current item wasn't visible enough,
and it jumped around in my 1.5-scale Firefox.
2022-09-13 03:21:41 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch a61789637a
xP: deal with macOS/Blink for good 2022-09-12 16:45:29 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8968100a28
xP: improve favicon behaviour
Make it black when disconnected, and orange when the document
is hidden but the current tab is highlighted.
2022-09-12 03:49:29 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3b6c29d676
xC: silence some compiler warnings 2022-09-11 22:16:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b4ee523628
xP: bind buffer iteration to M-PageUp/PageDown 2022-09-11 21:50:09 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c3a52b9e4c
xP: indicate hidden buffer lines 2022-09-11 21:50:09 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 96fc12bc4c
xC/xP: send buffer type and server state
Also make PM highlighting behaviour consistent.
2022-09-11 21:50:08 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 1493d9998b
xC: clean up 2022-09-11 19:11:47 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 36f77e74fb
xP: change the favicon when highlighted 2022-09-11 19:10:41 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 23deca45c9
xP: fix non-ASCII text completion 2022-09-11 19:10:40 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 62773acaa0
xP: beep on highlight
800 Hz seems like it could match a POST beep.
2022-09-11 03:42:08 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 7e3919e25d
xP: add basic buffer input history
Bind M-p and M-n as in xC.

Also make all our bindings reachable on macOS.
2022-09-11 03:10:23 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 4bc2f736f2
xC: make terminal attributes abstract
And translate them for frontends.

This is very long overdue, and a rather significant cleanup.

Bump liberty.
2022-09-11 01:20:18 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch add670212f
xP: remember buffer input selections 2022-09-11 01:01:53 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 95aa89ee97
xP: bind M-h to toggle history, and adjust focus 2022-09-10 20:39:03 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 0bc2c12eec
xP: handle the M-Tab binding from xC 2022-09-10 19:36:49 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3330683ad6
xP: handle M-a and M-! bindings from xC 2022-09-10 19:34:01 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 0015d26dc8
xC/xP: support hiding unimportant messages at all 2022-09-10 19:01:42 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 7d5e63be1f
xC: deal with so far unexpected multiline messages
And get rid of an outdated unmarked TODO comment.
2022-09-10 18:51:27 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e7d0f2380e
xC: split Command.BUFFER_INPUT on newlines 2022-09-10 18:51:27 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 36529a46fd
xP: also scroll to bottom on window resize 2022-09-10 18:10:08 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 632ac992ab
xC/xP: only send buffer stats in the initial sync
The client and frontends track these separately,
there is no need for hard synchronization.
2022-09-10 17:38:33 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d29e2cbfe8
xP: detect links in the log 2022-09-10 17:18:22 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 240fac4d90
xP: only allow vertical textarea resizing 2022-09-10 17:08:14 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c06894b291
xP: fix command sequence number generation 2022-09-10 17:05:39 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9eaf78f823
xP: open links in a new tab/window 2022-09-10 17:05:39 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5f02dddd11
xP: advance unread marker when the log is visible 2022-09-10 17:05:39 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 6f4a3f4657
xP: advance unread marker in an inactive tab 2022-09-10 17:05:39 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 6387145adc
xP: improve line wrapping 2022-09-10 17:05:38 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f3cc137342
xC-gen-proto: reduce enums to single bytes
That's already way more than we can possibly use.
2022-09-10 16:06:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8c8e06b015
xP: enhance mobile experience
The left column used to jump around, and phones were near-unusable.
2022-09-08 17:11:10 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d7b6967b6f
xP: allow setting a fixed WS URI
For reverse proxies.
2022-09-08 17:11:01 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8c3ee80b21
xC/xP: finalize and implement Event.PING 2022-09-08 02:45:37 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3a165a595b
xC: use the relay protocol's RPC for pings 2022-09-08 01:48:46 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 4ba28c6ed3
xC/xP: mark highlights and buffer activity
And more or less finalize out the protocol for this use case.
2022-09-08 01:28:51 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 45aa0e8dfb
xP: remember to differentiate today 2022-09-07 19:23:47 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch a2d5995cf5
xC: don't autoactivate buffers on forced JOINs 2022-09-07 19:10:49 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2075c38fd1
xP: use an industry-standard name for a button 2022-09-07 17:33:38 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 88a7b1a2d9
xP: resolve various issues, mostly in styling 2022-09-07 17:26:43 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2341228efd
xP: implement buffer line leakage
Rather than on redisplay, these get cleared on reconnect.
2022-09-07 15:34:52 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2e3005d88b
xP: abort autocomplete when no longer applicable 2022-09-07 15:10:17 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2b13f891c9
xP: clean up 2022-09-07 14:45:44 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d55402234c
xP: add a temporary lock for autoscroll 2022-09-07 13:53:28 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e3149b9abf
xP: support showing buffer logs 2022-09-07 13:53:28 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 976e7bfbb4
xP: separate input buffers 2022-09-07 13:04:30 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5fd76ba6f9
xC: add a trivial /relay command
For there is otherwise no way of getting that information.
2022-09-07 13:01:34 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 41878a587f
xC: use liberty logging less
These messages cannot be relayed to frontends (they could be,
but it's useful to keep them distinct rather than redirected).
2022-09-07 13:01:30 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 80089a4d65
xC: describe general.editor parse errors 2022-09-07 13:01:29 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 93b66b6a26
xP: scroll to bottom and focus the input on switch 2022-09-06 22:33:00 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ee1750c23c
xP: clean up 2022-09-06 22:33:00 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f5104c807d
xP: indicate connection state 2022-09-06 20:17:40 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2c49a72d94
Update README 2022-09-06 19:59:22 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8cd94b30f6
xP: implement tab completion
Currently it only goes for the longest common prefix.

Refactor WebSocket handling into an abstraction for our protocol.

The Go code generater finally needed fixing.
2022-09-06 19:41:05 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2d30b6d115
xC: define critical bindings after el_source()
And use ^C rather than ^G.
2022-09-06 17:02:36 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch cf14cb8122
xC: implement buffer completion in the relay
And actually support completion with non-UTF-8 locales.
We used to ignore the encoding conversion result.
2022-09-06 17:02:02 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 31e9c6d2d5
xC/xP: pass timestamps with millisecond precision
Future-proofing the protocol.
2022-09-06 14:39:01 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d2af6cf64c
xP: convert links to link elements 2022-09-06 14:36:30 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d7b0b447b7
xC/xP: turn the action asterisk into a rendition 2022-09-05 23:22:09 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 25ad5ae0ec
xC/xP: fix colour values, and render them with CSS 2022-09-05 23:22:09 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 10f6072da9
xC: also force monospace for RPL_MOTDSTART
It tends to looks inconsistent without.
2022-09-05 23:07:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch aceac26cbb
Fix up xP's module path, mention the licence 2022-09-05 23:07:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e250ae8255
Fix up README 2022-09-05 23:07:19 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 1639235a48
Start X11 and web frontends for xC
For this, we needed a wire protocol.  After surveying available options,
it was decided to implement an XDR-like protocol code generator
in portable AWK.  It now has two backends, per each of:

 - xF, the X11 frontend, is in C, and is meant to be the primary
   user interface in the future.

 - xP, the web frontend, relies on a protocol proxy written in Go,
   and is meant for use on-the-go (no pun intended).

They are very much work-in-progress proofs of concept right now,
and the relay protocol is certain to change.
2022-09-05 14:26:00 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2160d03794
xC: slightly clean up character encodings 2022-09-02 14:05:03 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 36f8c7639f
xC: clean up logging
Don't treat rendition as flags, separate the two.

Also treat join and part arrows as rendition.
2022-09-02 12:31:42 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 74470f1aa4
CMakeLists.txt: improve dependencies of xD-replies 2022-09-02 12:25:37 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3af1765261
xC: make alias creation tolerant to prefixed names
Those would not work, so skip the first forward slash.

Note that liberty can save arbitrary alias names since 6e93119,
making the removed comment about checking outdated.
2022-08-29 15:22:11 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b454920c81
xC: deal with conflicts when renaming buffers 2022-08-29 15:05:02 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ef8f25d1dd
xC: deal with any identifier conflicts
Invalid UTF-8 converted to UTF-8 may conflict with that
which was valid UTF-8 in the first place.
2022-08-29 14:41:23 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 313a65180e
xC: fix some corner cases around terminal handling 2022-08-29 14:05:33 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 91db8e6e54
xC: use the correct way of resetting libedit
The only remaining major annoyance is incremental search
seemingly not giving back control.
2022-08-29 10:30:45 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch dbe95fa298
xC: make libedit history switching more reliable 2022-08-29 09:20:56 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9d5e57a501
xC: improve libedit multiline input handling 2022-08-29 08:31:44 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 4ed6693f57
xC: erase remaining mentions of a "backlog helper" 2022-08-29 08:22:09 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch bea8d13227
xC: don't autosave when nothing changed 2022-08-29 08:22:09 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ecebeace0e
Don't wrap xD-gen-replies in a shell script
AWK doesn't seem to be that friendly to shebangs, so let env,
also required for changing LC_ALL, locate it in PATH.
2022-08-29 06:07:49 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ca33adeeee
Stop pretending that xD has a future.
2022-08-27 16:53:56 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b31e079256
Update README 2022-08-27 16:18:14 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 57597bf8a2
xC: move TEXT_* constants where they belong 2022-08-27 15:06:28 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c0996fcbe7
xC: normalize BSD Editline's history behaviour
Now it's a realistically useful frontend.
2022-08-27 15:06:27 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 03d8ea4c5a
xC: general.save_on_quit -> general.autosave
Power outages and similar situations make the former unreliable,
so get rid of any false promise it might seem to give.
2022-08-27 09:15:38 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch dc002a2db4
xC: revise configuration options
This commit constitutes a breaking change to old configurations.

All behaviour.* options have now become general.*, with the following
few renames as exceptions:

 - editor_command -> editor
 - backlog_helper -> pager
 - backlog_helper_strip_formatting -> pager_strip_formatting
2022-08-27 09:15:37 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch a32916ffcf
xC: label code sections better
Introduce tildes as a new sublevel of markers.
2022-08-27 09:15:37 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f7be510d26
xC: make fancy-prompt.lua alignment more reliable
And generally clean up that script.
2022-08-27 09:15:37 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 83764d1e1b
Fix xB.adoc parsing with current libasciidoc 2022-08-24 03:17:05 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch a717782480
Build with AsciiDoc as well as Asciidoctor 2022-08-24 00:13:51 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c50c959f4d
Bump copyright years 2022-08-17 18:27:52 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 0dd7536b5a
Update README 2022-08-15 15:49:59 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 0750096827
xC: expand behaviour.editor_command examples 2022-08-14 20:27:30 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 49d9980662
xC: improve backlog helper capabilities
Snippets now receive positional parameters in the form of the buffer's
name in the locale encoding, and a filename if applicable
(we keep passing stdin along with the filename, which happens to
work out well for less(1)).

The default value of the configuration option also no longer uses
the "long prompt", which used to unhelpfully tell position in terms
of lines, but rather sets its own prompt that counts pages,
and makes sure to indicate the source buffer.

The main motivation behind this change is to make the 'v' command
work in less(1).  LESSSECURE must be omitted from the snippet
for this to work.

Bump liberty to receive a config parser that allows for less
convoluted escaping.
2022-08-14 18:52:26 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2f7fbcdc5d
CMakeLists.txt: fix a typo 2022-08-12 13:21:46 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ef0cbe9a59
Rename the project
It is about to see some extensions, obsoleting the number three.
2022-08-07 10:40:42 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 1238233556 hid: bump the FD limit 2022-08-02 22:10:31 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2d8808d795
utm-filter.lua: mention the passing of fbclid 2022-07-18 17:59:28 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9c31fb69df hid: make note of a deprecation 2022-03-16 12:57:00 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch a51c247d69 hid: add WebIRC support
Such clients can only be identified through STATS L.

It's a bit weird to abuse the "port" field this way,
but right now, it serves its purpose.
2022-03-15 19:57:31 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f26e6361f3 hid: implement WALLOPS 2022-02-05 00:31:34 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 60d52ad479
xC, xD: add basic WALLOPS support 2022-02-04 22:48:54 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b358f53ec3
Bump version, update NEWS 2021-12-21 05:58:34 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2eb315f5c4
utm-filter.lua: add Facebook to the filter 2021-12-20 14:36:41 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 851c2ee548
CMakeLists.txt: fix macOS build 2021-11-02 15:34:51 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f9848ed627
Update README 2021-10-31 05:16:57 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 686a39df38
CMakeLists.txt: slightly modernize 2021-10-31 04:30:04 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9cea3fca91
Update NEWS 2021-10-30 14:25:13 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5165f76b7c
xC: quote text coming from a bracketed paste
Not having this has caused me much annoyance over the years.
2021-10-30 09:27:32 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 92ac13f3c6
xC: allow passing the cursor position to editors
Add a configuration option to set a custom editor command,
different from EDITOR or VISUAL--those remain as defaults.

Implement substitutions allowing to convey cursor information
to VIM and Emacs (the latter of which is fairly painful to cater to),
and put usage hints in the configuration option's description.

This should make the editing experience a bit more seamless
for users, even though the position is carried over in one way only.

No sophisticated quoting capabilities were deemed necessary,
it is a lot of code already.  The particular syntax is inspired
by .desktop files and systemd.

["/bin/sh", "-c", "vim +$2go \"$1\"", filename, position, line, column]
would be a slightly simpler but cryptic way of implementing this.
2021-10-30 09:02:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch df4ca74580
xC: make libedit autocomplete less miserable
Omitting even this hack was a huge hit to overall usability.
2021-10-30 08:29:16 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9e297244a4
Update .gitignore 2021-10-30 03:37:22 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d32ba133c0
Add clang-format configuration, clean up 2021-10-30 02:55:19 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ce3976e1ec
xC: normalize ^J behaviour to follow Readline
For some reason Editline inserts it verbatim,
but in a more broken manner than it has with ^V^J.
2021-10-28 08:49:01 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e5ed89646b
xC: fix newer libedit (2021-08-29) 2021-10-28 08:23:52 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5e728f6d31
Bump version, update NEWS 2021-10-06 14:05:23 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 766f68e070
Bump liberty 2021-10-06 13:52:59 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3dc5242d43
Bump liberty
Importing some minor unimportant fixes.
2021-09-26 08:55:46 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch fd9d5db1d2
xD: bump the soft file descriptor limit
By default it's a mere thousand connections, which is unnecessarily
crippling our advertised ability to handle lots of them.

Thanks for the advice, Lennart.
2021-09-23 20:32:00 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch cb480b4c71
xC: show orphan outcoming actions differently
It's hard to think of anything actually good here.

This would be an exceptionally rare thing to do, anyway.
2021-09-05 02:51:05 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 59cc423694
xC: abandon Freenode, embrace IRCnet
You're not fucking supposed to require a fucking registration
on fucking IRC networks.
2021-08-29 15:18:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9323089d66
xC: mIRC didn't invent all IRC formatting
So let's not confuse ourselves.
2021-08-29 12:12:52 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch de7df1f60d
xC: refactor parsing of IRC formatting 2021-08-29 12:06:53 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b082e82b62
xC: fix displaying IRC colours above 16
First, we indexed the colour array without a required offset.
Second, the data type was too small and overflowed negative.

Detected during a refactor, which this is a part of.
2021-08-28 18:25:03 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b8dbc70a9c
xC: respect text formatting when autosplitting 2021-08-28 18:24:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e0ad67a921
Bump version, update NEWS 2021-08-07 07:53:08 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 565edc15b4
README.adoc: be consistent in emphasizing 2021-08-07 07:40:02 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 4073b7329f hid: reflect the original project's new name
Better keep all schizophreny in my own head, rather than all projects.
2021-08-06 17:31:32 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5d285ffb96
xB: fix up the special IPC command's name
To reflect the new disorder.
2021-08-06 17:18:06 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 50057d5149
Come up with sillier names for the binaries
I'm not entirely sure, but it looks like some people might not like
jokes about the Holocaust.

On a more serious note, the project has become more serious over
the 7 or so years of its existence.
2021-08-06 16:43:59 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 1f64710e79
NEWS: improve wording
The phrase "input line" has already been used once in the file.
2021-07-24 09:40:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 027bf8666e
degesch: never bump our own chanuser
With IRCv3.2 echo-message, each successfully sent message would
move us to the front of the list used for chanuser autocomplete.

Such behaviour seems useless.

Also abandon the idea of bumping on other kinds of messages.
2021-07-24 09:27:49 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 7c7e12d8d5
degesch: start with lexically ordered chanusers
This makes nick autocompletion start in a non-arbitrary state.
2021-07-23 19:14:57 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3cb93d24e8
degesch: order nick autocomplete by time 2021-07-23 18:43:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch acddfe2cfa
degesch: cleanup 2021-07-23 18:43:19 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 051c43a072
NEWS: fix a garbled up entry
Try not to commit, push and tag releases tired.
2021-07-08 05:17:13 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 0fe0b56280
Bump version, update NEWS 2021-07-08 05:09:30 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f0281cf028
test-nick-colors: fix and streamline
A recent addition of an N_ELEMENTS macro invocation broke it.
2021-06-25 06:35:00 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch da5dd4eb91
degesch: make /ban and /unban respect EXTBAN 2021-06-17 12:21:48 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 10cb6651c0
degesch: expand/analyze a few TODO comments 2021-06-16 22:10:25 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 7f28dcd1ef
degesch: make "/help /command" work
Works for aliases as well.  Resolves a TODO entry.
2021-06-16 21:57:47 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 61c52d793c
degesch: fix a GCC compiler warning 2021-06-15 07:11:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b4dd0052ff
degesch: pick colours based on relative luminance
Replaces the inaccurate Rec. 709 luma we used to use before.

This is the first feature here that requires libm, which doesn't
seem to be a particularly great sacrifice.

Moreover, I've rectified that the input isn't linear in sRGB,
and then was even normalized wrong for the luma formula.
2021-06-15 07:09:23 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e3c47c33fa
degesch: implement -=/+= for multiple values
It didn't make sense to have these unimplemented,
though perhaps += shouldn't enforce a set.

Sadly, autocomplete is fairly difficult for -= of multiple items.
2021-06-14 09:06:38 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 80c1e8f8eb
degesch: make /deop and /devoice default to self
It's pretty annoying to type `/mode -o <user>`, for little reason.
2021-06-03 00:12:22 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c5f49ab1e6
censor.lua: strip colours, configurable formatting
Colour parsing code taken from prime.lua, and modified to strip.
2021-06-03 00:12:22 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 6f62b9c0c7
degesch: make CHGHOST update our own userhost info
I've almost forgotten that we use this for message spliting.
2021-05-30 08:23:23 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c1d69e3630
degesch: add support for IRCv3 chghost
This is somewhat similar to a nick change.
2021-05-30 08:06:38 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c75ef167f2
degesch: document the SASL EXTERNAL support
So far it's only been mentioned in the NEWS file,
which is definitely not sufficient.

It would be good to move this kind of stuff out from README.adoc.
2021-05-29 06:38:33 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ddffc71abe
degesch: factor out irc_try_finish_cap_negotiation()
Too much repeated, non-obvious code.
2021-05-28 04:59:21 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5a0b2d1c57
degesch: add trivial SASL EXTERNAL support
Just set `tls_cert`, and add `sasl` to `capabilities`.
2021-05-28 04:59:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch bb451a5050
degesch: support CAP DEL, request cap-notify
It doesn't require much effort to cancel capabilities, plus with
the newer version we get the respective notification anyway.
2021-05-28 04:59:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 61f15ead8a
degesch: don't CAP REQ when already registered
The list may later be requested manually, which shouldn't have
an unexpected side-effect.
2021-05-28 04:59:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 17f430043a
degesch: IRCv3.2 capability negotiation
We can receive and display capability values now.
2021-05-28 04:59:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 735096d76d
degesch: add a /squery command for IRCnet 2021-05-28 04:06:27 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 1ba59e6ee0
degesch: fix back-parsing outgoing CAP REQ
The bug has apparently been there since the beginning.
2021-05-28 04:04:44 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f9ba682c0e
degesch: reset away-notify on disconnect
Forgotten to do it when adding the support for it.
2021-05-28 04:04:23 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8e8ffe2c73
degesch: don't switch to channels while typing
We might just always set the highlighted bit on,
it would be consistent with PMs.
2021-04-10 05:11:46 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d05c85833d
degesch: make a second SIGINT force-quit
Also fixed the possibility of eating a sequence of signals
as we reset the indicators /after/ we took action,
which creates a time window for races.
2020-11-01 15:33:16 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2336340ad8
Bump version, update NEWS 2020-10-31 23:50:32 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8f5dec0456
degesch: buffer creation cleanup 2020-10-31 23:44:18 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3dc6ee9a5b
degesch: sanitize IRC nicknames/channel names
Don't trust the IRCd to have them in a subset of UTF-8.
2020-10-31 23:25:08 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 821ce04915
degesch: implement autocompletion for /set
It was super annoying to just slightly modify strings and
string arrays, now you can have existing values filled in.

complete_word() looks a bit cleaner now as well.
2020-10-31 23:18:31 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2fe3b95ecd
README.adoc: improve backlog helper invocation
When fancy-prompt.lua is enabled, tho prompt is two-lined
and a simple PageUp would skip one line of content.

It works slightly better than it should: when there's under
a page of content to scroll, there is no shift at all.
2020-10-31 20:00:23 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 32c99c9d66
kike: avoid crash with a wildcard address
A most unfortunate 06d3b3b regression, mostly stemming from
forgetting why the `break` was in place and not documenting it.
2020-10-31 17:34:32 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch cd7133e173
README.adoc: minor documentation update 2020-10-31 16:06:13 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b4ed52015a
degesch: mark some issues for later resolution 2020-10-31 16:06:12 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 271689da99
fancy-prompt.lua: allow non-ASCII buffer names
It may theoretically bite us in the ass with non-UTF-8-compliant
IRC servers, and certainly with double-width characters.
2020-10-31 16:05:15 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 38c23d0d38
degesch: fix fancy-prompt.lua with libedit
Partly by unifying the interface for prompt hooks to match GNU Readline.
2020-10-31 16:04:30 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 439af8884c
degesch: make PageUp actually scroll a page up
Now that the input to the backlog helper is wrapped the same way
as what we display.  There's a slight issue always triggered by
fancy-prompt.lua where a multiline prompt/command line makes less(1)
go too high up but it's nothing too important.
2020-10-31 16:00:55 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8ccf38ad76
Minor rebranding
There's nothing experimental about this project anymore.  It's stable.

Maybe we should add a photo of Hitler or something.
2020-10-31 13:42:56 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 47a4c8beca
CMakeLists.txt: clean up OpenBSD support
A few things might have changed.
2020-10-29 15:27:09 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 1de4a2ae34
Bump version, update NEWS 2020-10-29 03:03:07 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 53cc52e320
Add real manual pages
To some extent they duplicate the README but from a different angle.
2020-10-29 02:46:40 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch cbe4009308
degesch: fix Lua 5.3 build
Regression from the last release.
2020-10-29 02:44:40 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 06d3b3bd2b
kike: ensure NULL binds to both IPv4 and IPv6 2020-10-29 00:39:57 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 132e4a38b8
kike: document the "operators" setting usefully
Now our user just needs to be able to guess that it's a hex string.
2020-10-28 23:53:03 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 8429995cb6
ZyklonB: don't look for plugins in /usr/lib
It's quite unlikely that this project will ever see compiled plugins.
2020-10-28 17:17:48 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 03ed097353
ZyklonB: use XDG paths by default
Install plugins to /usr/share rather than /usr/lib since they're
arch-independent.  Many precedents can be found for scripted plugins
in /usr/share and fewer for /usr/lib.

Look for plugins in all XDG data directories and repurpose
the "plugin_dir" setting to override this behaviour.

This adds some complexity to the bot but unifies the project.
It might make sense to remove the "plugin_dir" setting.
2020-10-28 17:17:34 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b68e5ceedc
README.adoc: fix GPL notice 2020-10-28 13:11:46 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 0d0d0b6863
CMakeLists.txt: omit end{if,foreach} expressions
Their usefulness was almost negative.
2020-10-28 11:30:37 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 577fd1b446
CMakeLists.txt: clean up and fix build rules
The multiple-output custom command ran separately for each binary.
2020-10-28 11:23:39 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 500c83231f
Bump minimum CMake version to 3.0
A nice, round number.
2020-10-27 12:02:47 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 4b7649211a
Bump copyright years 2020-10-27 12:02:46 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9afa4944b6
Bump liberty
Testing in production is discouraged.
2020-10-24 19:10:55 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e58ce1f02e
Bump liberty, test UTF-8 sanitization 2020-10-21 05:44:27 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 98e95de90e
degesch: add a hidden LOMEM compile option 2020-10-20 02:02:09 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 383f6af344
Improve OpenSSL integration
Ensure the error stack is cleared after errors are processed.

Also handle NULL returns safely.

Makes the debug mode spew more data, though almost none of
the contexts is in reaction to network peer data.
2020-10-20 01:55:46 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 13c85aa361
degesch: comment about improving word wrapper 2020-10-19 23:37:19 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 419b02e9f7
degesch: slightly cut down memory usage
The worst offenders are actually OpenSSL and Lua, this is
mostly about a preventable surprise.

This is more correct because we mix escape sequences for
attributes with text, however in practice no one will use
shit-jizz with degesch.

It is also a clean-up: "struct line_char" has been almost
halved in size.  We used to use it as a cache and now we
recompute the multibyte sequence.

Of course, it'd be best to get rid of the linked list but
it would take a very long time to rewrite the algorithm.
Plus, it's not certain that it could be improved by much.

The change in "struct line_char_attrs" is merely cosmetical.
2020-10-19 06:38:31 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c89032e4e0
degesch: silence the compiler 2020-10-19 05:17:41 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 474657c7b3
degesch: fix processing WHO replies
We don't want to print the reply for ourselves
nor for unknown or PM-only users.
2020-10-19 04:21:52 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 323a372389
degesch: update an outdated comment 2020-10-16 23:29:05 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 76f4e6faa6
degesch: cleanup
Channels now need a reference to the server,
so don't pass it to functions.
2020-10-16 21:17:57 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2c48bc9959
degesch: watch away statuses with away-notify/WHO
We're not going to implement polling.  Polling is complex.
Freenode supports away-notify.
2020-10-16 21:17:57 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e1a4fab40d
degesch: don't eat NAMES for unknown channels 2020-10-16 17:59:51 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 1ff80ddd10
degesch: stubplement TAGMSG 2020-10-16 17:59:50 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 12c8ace6a1
degesch: clarify handling of unexpected JOINs
I got confused about safety.
2020-10-16 17:59:50 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 49706efe86
degesch: improve a function name
3_3_3_3_4 looks awful and it wasn't even precise.
2020-10-16 17:59:43 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9d8a7a10d0
Tolerate cut-off UTF-8 messages
I've had this happen to me on Russian channels and it's highly
annoying because you lose the entire message.  On the contrary,
this at worst screws up the last few characters of it.

Closes #2
2020-10-12 23:45:27 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 73c3ca3633
Bump liberty 2020-10-12 23:00:43 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 559232ccb5
kike: fix up debug messages 2020-10-12 04:33:39 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 6837fdb7c4
Bump liberty
We've moved most of our configuration test in there.
2020-10-12 04:08:09 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2759c311fa
kike: use read/write rather than recv/send
read/write support non-sockets, otherwise they're the same here.

This is in preparation for fuzzing.
2020-10-12 04:04:06 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 529a46ad41
degesch: add support for crossed-out text
Assuming that sgr0 includes rmxx behaviour, which should be true.
2020-10-11 18:07:26 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f9ef123171
degesch: support more colours 2020-10-11 17:49:31 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f51dd936f5
degesch: prefer British spelling in comments
Let's say the rest is in Oxford spelling, not sure about it.
2020-10-11 17:48:57 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 7ce1615021
prime.lua: skip colour sequences, add config
Colour sequence skipping is somewhat involved, we might want to
add a helper generator to the "degesch" Lua library, in the form of
{substring, is_formatting}.

formatter_parse_mirc() isn't useful, a pure Lua implementation
would be more appropriate (where do we put that?)
2020-10-11 16:54:15 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 270d9017e9
degesch: improve ad-hoc IRC parsers in plugins 2020-10-10 17:58:33 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ee5cac4f21
degesch: add a plugin to highlight prime numbers 2020-10-10 17:55:14 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 59ac02d91f
Bump liberty
resolve_relative_runtime_unique_filename() used to have a bug.
2020-10-10 04:37:08 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d78cf10f04
degesch: fix prompt not showing up after change
When a backlog helper was running and the prompt changed,
it failed to restore within input_rl_show().

Since before input_rl_show() is called the prompt is empty
and in input_rl__restore() it will be changed to the new
version, just skip invoking any Readline functions within
input_rl_set_prompt() when the prompt is hidden.  Simple
and straight-forward.

This bug is what I hinted at in the previous commit.
2020-10-06 13:42:27 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 572a7cb804
README.adoc: update degesch instructions
There is still one outstanding issue with the backlog helper, though...
2020-10-04 12:27:17 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 03e8ad0a3e
degesch: enable wrapping in the backlog by default
The main issue has been eliminated.
2020-10-04 12:17:09 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f665f147ff
degesch: resolve the issue with less(1) and SO/SI
Now that I've learnt what exactly these characters are and how they
ended up in attribute strings, we can just eliminate them and disable
`backlog_helper_strip_formatting`.  Saner defaults, again.

I've also added skipping of terminfo delay sequences, so now it's less
of an issue to pipe raw attribute sequences into backlog helpers.
2020-10-04 12:04:24 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9819b75b64
degesch: make the unread marker look a bit fancier
Upstreamed after who knows how long, in a slightly modified form.
The marker looks fairly ugly without this and defaults should be

It's possible to get the previous behaviour by resetting the separator
character in the configuration to an empty string.  It might be
a better idea in general to just disallow this value with a special
validation callback, so that there's only one way to do it.

However given that without fancy-prompt.lua, an optional plugin,
the long line stands out considerably, it might actually be a good
idea to keep the old behaviour as the default.  I'm torn.

Right now we don't care about the situation where the string occupies
more than one terminal cell or is some Unicode BS.  User's problem.
2020-10-04 10:08:30 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f716e7601f
degesch: fix a typo 2020-10-04 08:44:16 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch eea761d9f7
degesch: make use of arguments in _new() functions 2020-10-04 08:32:15 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch dd8e543a20
degesch: save some memory on channel users
`struct str` was mostly unnecessary, we can save 16+ bytes,
while performance and code readability is mostly unchanged.
2020-10-04 08:28:07 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch dc8b580574
degesch: expand comment about character encoding 2020-10-02 07:09:58 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2d9856cca8
Bump liberty, use iscntrl_ascii() 2020-10-02 06:52:11 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 289193dd1a
kike: silence an annoying build warning 2020-09-20 13:43:59 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 405848deeb
degesch: remove unnecessary quotes from macro defs
The behaviour is defined by the standard.
2020-09-20 13:43:36 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b9991d4766
degesch: update comment to reflect reality 2020-09-20 13:43:10 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 1ff82ee907
Update NEWS, bump version 2020-09-02 20:00:12 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 57e92fbb85
Update copyright years 2020-09-02 20:00:11 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch a04dfc59fe
README: improve libasciidoc compatibility 2020-09-02 20:00:11 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 7f69655c54
README: discourage from using libedit 2020-09-02 20:00:10 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 444f97b357
degesch: work around a libedit attribute issue 2020-09-02 20:00:10 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ed7130a664
degesch: fix a libedit crash 2020-09-02 20:00:10 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ba1c2357af
degesch: fix Lua 5.4 build
Not sure about how well it works yet.

Lua 5.3 is still made preferential by the order of pkgconfig lookup.
2020-09-02 20:00:09 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch a48023553e
degesch: fix a pointer operation in the libedit layer 2020-09-02 20:00:09 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d29317b29c
Bump liberty 2020-09-02 20:00:09 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch deb096a0e9
Name change 2020-09-02 19:37:29 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 722fc48a30
CMakeLists.txt: add a comment 2020-09-02 19:37:26 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 6421892ef3 Name change 2020-08-01 14:01:58 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 6287e20919
degesch: fix log reopening after a buffer rename 2020-03-23 00:41:08 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 07d59db5ab
degesch: clean up unused functions 2020-03-22 02:00:57 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2909b017fb
Fix handling terminal resizes while the terminal is suspended
GNU Readline has a misfeature.
2020-03-21 22:02:02 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 64d4009427
degesch: fix getpwuid usage
The "entry not found" case doesn't have to touch errno.
2019-12-07 21:18:20 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch a1994865a9 hid: mention Go 1.12 alternative to TLS autodetection 2019-02-27 02:36:04 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 4179a9bd49
Update NEWS, bump version 2018-10-21 05:44:39 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch aa4e86c2a0
degesch: add a comment about ENOTCONN 2018-10-21 05:40:24 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5bbe9ceef8
Update NEWS 2018-10-21 05:40:24 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f80226620c
kike: fix wildcard handling in WHOIS 2018-10-21 05:40:24 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2fccfb10f7
kike: allow STATS with no parameters
We were in plain conflict with RFC 2812 for no apparent reason.
2018-10-21 05:40:16 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c285f3a266 hid: clean up/finalize logging 2018-08-06 20:47:33 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e2c34afbc6 hid: move off of the log package
We don't spam with useless messages without -debug any longer.
2018-08-06 19:52:39 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e2c8fb6e33 hid: port logging facilities
Though the regular mode now has timestamps and a new mode for systemd
has been added.
2018-08-06 19:49:06 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5c7ac9a92b hid: cleanups
No functional changes.
2018-08-06 12:31:31 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3fee7e8051 hid: port IRC tests from liberty, fix tag parsing 2018-08-06 12:09:18 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 09d7a10b69 hid: rename connCloseWrite to connCloseWriter 2018-08-06 12:06:42 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch e9bcd0fa53 hid: add the first tests
This has actually revealed a problem in the SSL 2.0 detection.
2018-08-06 12:06:20 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3815795d59 hid: fix SSL 2.0 autodetection 2018-08-04 21:13:28 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch fd1538251a hid: add support for customized replies 2018-08-03 21:45:53 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ffad1f15a5 hid: unify exit codes with the flag package 2018-08-03 21:45:53 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 765b741a67 hid: cleanups 2018-08-03 21:45:52 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ab66a60703 hid: fix listener shutdown 2018-08-03 10:55:22 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9ee07873ea hid: fix nickname verification in the user MODE message 2018-08-02 18:42:32 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 7ee7dc5f9b hid: port default formatting strings to fmt 2018-08-02 12:51:22 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch fea801ac7a hid: ircSendToRoommates -> ircNotifyRoommates
Should be clearer.
2018-08-01 20:39:37 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch cbdbfc3d64 hid: figured out how to port timeouts 2018-08-01 20:39:37 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3610f98d67 hid: another round of general code cleanups 2018-08-01 17:45:56 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b9eddabedd
kike: explicit conversion from pointer to boolean
In practice the values in the map may only be 1 or 0, so it doesn't
matter, but in C it is better to be safe than sorry.
2018-08-01 09:22:59 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 50ed74a740
kike: break out properly on errors in MODE processing
We used to only abort the inner loop, which was insufficient.
2018-08-01 09:21:37 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3ca08badc2
kike: reset user modes while processing USER
Since the processing always succeeds and registration cannot be undone,
this doesn't seem to fix any real issue.
2018-08-01 09:17:45 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b0f5b8c10d
kike: do nothing on equivalent renicks 2018-08-01 09:17:12 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch d87d533078
kike: code cleanups 2018-08-01 09:16:45 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 3c47e5b354
kike: fix grammar in hostname validation
This has an entry in RFC 2812 errata, although it's held for document
update.  We can afford the strictness.
2018-08-01 09:16:45 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 54d3406175
kike: fix grammar in config item description 2018-08-01 09:16:44 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch f79dd027e9