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  Přemysl Janouch cc47064379
CMakeLists.txt: use HTTPS in project URL 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch c0b2715c70
Update .po files 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 1ef1add173
Update translations 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 41d68e6636
Bump version, update NEWS 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 12ac611a14
Fix compiler warning 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 033fe31b7b
User documentation: update pictures 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 57e7252900
User documentation: update for our new hosting 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 45842016eb
Abandon LaTeX in favor of AsciiDoc 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 96fd6b6f24
Update translations 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 6c8a655bfc
Update translation template 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch c2caf2b825
Fix assertion failures on quitting 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch f75c15fda5
Workaround an issue with getting theme colours 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch cc629fd160
Update copyright years 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 46821d2e49
Remember to install icons on Windows 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 9aa9512190
Find a better solution to the Lua situation 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 193b724709
Workaround a CMake/pkg-config regression 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch b5af31b048
Fix Lua cross-build, bump the Win32 version 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch c09acf120c
Make gtk-doc work again 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch f9f1c830f8
Remove .travis.yml 11 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch b353fc133e
Update README 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 0c0b9640f8
Relicense to 0BSD, update mail address 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 948a332d01
Streamline README 2 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch ced3913e68
Fix and update LICENSE 2 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 97f551d918
Travis CI: brevify notifications 2 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 2a4572294b Openly accept Lua 5.3, cleanup 3 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 64f5a7abbc Change license to ISC 3 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch b552b3cae9 Use pkg-config for json-glib-1.0 3 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 7a3ceb5435 Travis CI: update IRC address for notifications 3 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 24731d6831 Travis CI: Try adding Coverity scan 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch e74d582eca Fix the about dialog in GTK+ 3 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 4e0e09a62b Fix RPM dependencies 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch c117a6ddaa Make sure to link the tests with libm 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch d55422e0a5 Travis CI: Try making the tests work 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 9e54e5a49c Travis CI: Make the tests verbose 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch f2ae2fbd35 Prevent GTK+ accessibility bus warnings 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch af51c00c93 Try making it build with GTK+ 3.4 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch de133622a2 Add Travis CI configuration 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 61f7536e22 Fix to work on Windows XP 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch b62b7bfa18 Update NEWS 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 260a15fdda CMakeLists.txt: use better variables 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 4fc23df6bd Cleanup 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 4d0721bf68 Update dependencies in CPack info 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 5bb6a05e1c Make MinGW-w64 cross-compilation work again 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 733fb54580 Update copyright years 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch ec29804080 Update README regarding GTK+ version 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch cd3599bd1b Silence other stupid deprecation warnings 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 1adeac6c22 Fix additional deprecation warnings 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch 13f212d4e9 Fix motion simulation 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch a7f869b707 Fix zooming with mouse wheel 4 years ago
  Přemysl Janouch fb6f89fb5c Fix a depreciation warning 4 years ago