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  Přemysl Janouch 15e583beb2
Bump version to 0.9 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch cdb86652b9
Fix unmarking behaviour, cleanup 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch cbdec0552d
Allow moving multiple items in the Current tab 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 2cd100af7a
Remove an outdated comment 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 44ebc3591e
Make holding Shift+Up/Down behave better 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 0691c533b4
Update selection on playlist changes 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 6298235e22
Add actions for repeat/random/single/consume 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 841e2f79c0
Make help tab items actionable 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 5ade0f082e
Show unbound actions in help 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 0e443c0dcd
Add color themes to contrib 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch a6543a796d
Implement multiselect for deletion in Current tab 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 1349e39941
Add keyboard shortcut d for deletion 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch a53d24861f
Update README 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch f7e4d8d3d3
Add keyboard shortcuts g/G for goto top/bottom 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 8f362e787b
Add a search feature for Library tab 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 609ddfab22
Cleanup 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 804f051d66
Implement sequential multiselect for Library tab 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 3c09a16a02
Fix input handling 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 9c16ab4136
Mark an issue for later 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch f241a7016a
Move the line editor into its own file 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch e957bba771
Use a common algorithm for scrollbars 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch 3fd88d593c
Improve fallback scrollbar behaviour 1 month ago
  Přemysl Janouch caba65b2bc
Bind the </> keys to previous/next 2 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 9b38c4c74f
Fix undefined behaviour 4 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 68c620fdee
Remove .travis.yml 5 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 491f1857ea
Update README 5 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 7f8ad9430f
Relicense to 0BSD, update mail address 5 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 64ba783d0f
CMakeLists.txt: fix variable name 5 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch aace4b9833
Bump liberty, termo 5 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 0f350f88b3
Cleanup 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch a1831a3ab8
Reorganize actions 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 021bc214a3
Improve the Help tab 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 23efe3bfdf
Cleanup 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 4bb9b11fed
Customizable key bindings 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 2375e0dd3e
Make Del/Bksp eat whole graphemes 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 7d414c7647
Make left/right skip non-spacing characters 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 33f5ba0b60
Allow running arbitrary MPD commands 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 4261c81468
Teach the line editor to scroll + prompt 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 6b2def7531
Clean up the line editor 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 9fc690c4c9
Cache widths in the line editor 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch ba3302982e
Basic implementation of a line editor 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch f71eee66bd
Rename item_list_{init,make}() 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 3ff7867e30
Bump liberty 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 99f35a509c
Handle weird playlists better 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch f875109201
Update screenshot 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 88455f03bf
Cleanup 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch f8a9b7aba1
Bump liberty 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch d0c0af0e38
Allow modifying playlist order 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch c5fcc1c8c1
More beeping 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 7f66f801f4
Give up on freeing tab resources 1 year ago