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Hex viewer

Updated 4 days ago

Testing ground for GUI

Updated 9 months ago

SHOUTcast bridge for BBC radio streams

Updated 5 years ago

Personal warehouse management system

Updated 1 year ago

A tool for semi-automated terminal feature testing

Updated 2 years ago

Solvespace models for 3D printing

Updated 1 year ago

IRC daemon, bot, TUI client, and its web frontend

Updated 3 weeks ago

Something like GLib but tiny

Updated 8 months ago

Directory navigator

Updated 9 months ago

A shell for running JSON-RPC 2.0 queries

Updated 8 months ago

Terminal/X11 MPD client

Updated 2 hours ago

Schematic editor

Updated 10 months ago

StarDict TUI and GUI

Updated 9 months ago

Image browser and viewer

Updated 7 hours ago