• v1.1.1 a5176b5bbb

    p released this 2020-09-06 05:18:03 +02:00 | 25 commits to master since this release

    • Fix a dysfunctional example in the manual

    • Go: write the xref table in a deterministic order

    • Add a trivial test suite, based on pdfsig from poppler-utils

  • v1.1 3ce08d33f6

    p released this 2020-09-05 20:46:55 +02:00 | 29 commits to master since this release

    • Make it possible to change the signature reservation with an option

    • Return errors rather than mangle documents in some cases,
      notably with pre-existing PDF forms

    • Avoid downgrading the document's PDF version to 1.6

    • A few fixes for PDF parsing and serialisation

    • Add an instructive man page

    • Add a native Go port of the utility, also usable as a library

  • v1.0 2d3fd3317b

    p released this 2018-08-03 20:04:41 +02:00 | 52 commits to master since this release

    • Initial release