Simple PDF signer
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pdf-simple-sign is a simple PDF signer intended for documents produced by the Cairo library, GNU troff, ImageMagick, or similar.

I don’t aim to extend the functionality any further. The project is fairly self-contained and it should be easy to grasp and change to suit to your needs.


See the man page for information about usage. The rest of this README will concern itself with externalities.



Build dependencies: Meson, Asciidoctor, a C++11 compiler, pkg-config
Runtime dependencies: libcrypto (OpenSSL 1.1 API)

$ git clone
$ cd pdf-simple-sign
$ meson builddir
$ cd builddir
$ ninja

In addition to the C++ version, also included is a native Go port:

$ go get

Contributing and Support

Use to report bugs, request features, or submit pull requests. git send-email is tolerated. If you want to discuss the project, feel free to join me at ircs://, channel #dev.

Bitcoin donations are accepted at: 12r5uEWEgcHC46xd64tt3hHt9EUvYYDHe9


This software is released under the terms of the 0BSD license, the text of which is included within the package along with the list of authors.