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# Usage: cmake -P Win32Depends.cmake
# Only CMake 3.1+ supports XZ archives, not sure when 7z support comes from
cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 3.9)
# Directories
set (working_dir ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/win32-depends)
set (pkg_dir ${working_dir}/packages)
file (MAKE_DIRECTORY ${working_dir})
file (MAKE_DIRECTORY ${pkg_dir})
# Cleanup
message (STATUS "Cleaning up...")
file (GLOB files ${working_dir}/*)
list (REMOVE_ITEM files ${pkg_dir})
if (files)
file (REMOVE_RECURSE ${files})
endif ()
# Packages
set (pkg_list "geany" "winlibs" "mingw_lua")
# https://sourceforge.net/projects/urlget/files
# /GTK%2B%203%20binary%20for%20Windows/GTK%2B%203.16.6/
# contains a binary bundle that may be more or less simply transplanted over,
# due to ABI compatibility, however something is wrong with icons,
# and it looks alien on Windows XP (use themes) for close to no improvement.
set (pkg_geany_root "https://download.geany.org/contrib/gtk")
set (pkg_geany_urls "${pkg_geany_root}/gtk+-bundle_3.8.2-20131001_win32.zip")
set (pkg_geany_md5 "3f9b159207edf44937f209b4a5e6bb63")
set (pkg_winlibs_root "http://sourceforge.net/projects/winlibs/files")
set (pkg_winlibs_urls "${pkg_winlibs_root}/GTK+/libjson-glib-1.0-1-mingw32.7z")
set (pkg_winlibs_md5 "f06e42c5998dae5fb6245fecc96a403e")
# With luabinaries MinGW-W64 builds the .dll/.a need to be moved to bin/lib
# manually, and note that CMake 3.10.0 FindLua.cmake can't find Lua 5.4;
# in any case there is no pkg-config file
set (pkg_mingw_lua_root "http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw/files/MinGW/Extension")
set (pkg_mingw_lua_urls
set (pkg_mingw_lua_md5
# Stage 1: fetch missing packages
foreach (pkg_set ${pkg_list})
set (pkg_md5 ${pkg_${pkg_set}_md5})
foreach (url ${pkg_${pkg_set}_urls})
get_filename_component (basename ${url} NAME)
set (filename ${pkg_dir}/${basename})
if (NOT pkg_md5)
message (WARNING "MD5 checksum missing for ${basename}")
set (pkg_md5_sum)
set (pkg_md5_param)
else ()
list (GET pkg_md5 0 pkg_md5_sum)
list (REMOVE_AT pkg_md5 0)
set (pkg_md5_param EXPECTED_MD5 ${pkg_md5_sum})
endif ()
if (NOT EXISTS ${filename})
message (STATUS "Downloading ${url}...")
# TODO: on Windows XP, we can't download https://curl.se/windows/
# but it would be somewhat nice to be able to detect it in PATH
file (DOWNLOAD ${url} ${filename} STATUS status ${pkg_md5_param})
list (GET status 0 status_errno)
list (GET status 1 status_msg)
if (status_errno)
file (REMOVE ${filename})
message (FATAL_ERROR "Download failed: ${status_msg}")
endif ()
elseif (pkg_md5_sum)
execute_process (COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E md5sum ${filename}
if (NOT output MATCHES "^${pkg_md5_sum}")
message (FATAL_ERROR "MD5 mismatch for ${basename}")
endif ()
endif ()
endforeach ()
endforeach ()
# Stage 2: extract the rest of packages
foreach (pkg_set ${pkg_list})
foreach (url ${pkg_${pkg_set}_urls})
get_filename_component (filename ${url} NAME)
message (STATUS "Extracting ${filename}...")
set (filename ${pkg_dir}/${filename})
execute_process (COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E tar xf ${filename}
WORKING_DIRECTORY ${working_dir}
if (status)
message (FATAL_ERROR "Extraction failed: ${status}")
endif ()
endforeach ()
endforeach ()
# Stage 3: final touches
# We have to fix the prefix path as it is completely wrong everywhere
file (GLOB files ${working_dir}/lib/pkgconfig/*.pc)
foreach (file ${files})
message (STATUS "Fixing ${file}...")
file (READ ${file} file_content)
string (REGEX REPLACE "prefix=[^\r\n]*(.*)" "prefix=${working_dir}\\1"
file_content_fixed "${file_content}")
file (WRITE ${file} "${file_content_fixed}")
endforeach ()