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Přemysl Eric Janouch dd48af42eb
Stop stuttering in CMake scripts 2021-10-29 04:56:56 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ed6d34159e
Win32Depends.cmake: make a note about cURL 2021-10-29 04:30:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ff03060efa
Win32Depends.cmake: reflect mingw-get's existence
But let's keep Lua in the downloader, to make cross-compiling easier.
2021-10-29 04:11:03 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5a4cffd35e
Win32Depends.cmake: remove an unused feature 2021-10-23 20:02:45 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 885ccb46a3
Win32Depends.cmake: get rid of 7z
CMake 3.9 has been proven to successfully unpack 7z archives.
2021-10-22 21:53:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 47fb9653b8
Bump the CMake version requirement, fix Windows
- Add a missing runtime library for gettext-tools.
 - Remove the no longer necessary customized FindGettext.cmake,
   since the downloaded gettext binaries are new enough.
 - Make the installer at least ask to uninstall previous versions.
 - Adjust the PATH of tests so that they'll run on Windows directly.
 - Fix quoting so that the project will build inside paths with spaces.
 - Resolve a GSettings deprecation warning.
 - Update the README's build instructions as appropriate.
 - Require CMake 3.9 because of the README's suggestion to fix
   FindPkgConfig.cmake manually using separate_arguments(UNIX_COMMAND).

Tested build configurations:
 - native Arch Linux,
 - native Windows XP with the newest NSIS,
 - Arch Linux Mingw-w64 i686 Win32Depends.cmake NSIS cross-build + XP,
 - Arch Linux Mingw-w64 x86_64 MSYS2 NSIS cross-build + Windows 10.

Detected issues:
 - The file save dialog will not add the extension automatically,
   seen with MSYS2.
2021-10-22 20:08:51 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2c5fc3ebdd
Win32Depends.cmake: show a different upgrade path 2021-10-21 11:38:53 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 7f357cb7c8
Fix Win32Depends.cmake, update README 2021-07-24 10:08:58 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9aa9512190
Find a better solution to the Lua situation
It seems that I cannot win here.  If I want XP to work, I need to keep
the old packages in place.  This time the resulting program cannot
find _time32 in msvcrt.dll.
2018-06-25 02:34:47 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b5af31b048
Fix Lua cross-build, bump the Win32 version
Something has changed and it could no longer find the include files.
2018-06-25 02:34:35 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 61f7536e22 Fix to work on Windows XP 2015-01-28 00:16:41 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5bb6a05e1c Make MinGW-w64 cross-compilation work again
It has come to using pkg-config. :O
2015-01-20 23:22:11 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 48d353a5cb Make MinGW{,-w64} crosscompilation working.
Also fix the 7za download path in Win32Depends.cmake.
2013-01-08 02:46:07 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c535bd2383 Update Win32Depends.cmake, remove SVG stuff.
Remove bsdtar, SVG libraries, openSUSE package sources.

Don't need those anymore.
2012-10-10 20:31:27 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2e1adc3d56 Update Win32Depends.cmake. 2012-01-29 21:48:14 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b2223d6595 Integrate GSettings, remember View settings.
The org.logdiag ID has been chosen as I haven't found any specific rules
and com.github.logdiag seems not to be future-proof. This domain remains
available so far, anyway.

The schemas are compiled only when installed directly to CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
to the root filesystem. When invoking `make install` with DESTDIR, only
the XML files are copied over as the schemas would have to be recompiled
later anyway.
2011-06-12 10:05:16 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c36ca83406 Update Win32Depends.cmake.
* Update the link for libbz2.
* Retrieve URLs for openSUSE packages from the directory listing,
  start using the stable openSUSE 11.4 repository.
* Check MD5 of packages that are already present.
2011-06-09 21:11:41 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b37f856557 Update links in Win32Depends.cmake. 2011-02-20 14:46:47 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch ee8a82925f Update json-glib checksums.
The files have been rebuilt or repacked.
2011-02-12 18:54:54 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 9a217e97c8 Change the way translations are done.
* Require gettext-tools to build.
* Depend on libintl on Win32.
2011-02-12 18:40:16 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch da34bbb3bb Fix Win32Depends.cmake.
I've known about this all the time, hoping it's not a problem.
2011-02-07 23:28:55 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 5ec4e59ea5 Use MD5 checksums in Win32Depends.cmake. 2011-02-04 18:40:27 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch b7fa5372fd Update package links in Win32Depends.cmake. 2011-01-27 19:16:13 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2f5f87119d Integrate support for MinGW Win32 builds.
* Add Win32Depends.cmake, which retrieves all dependencies from
  the Internet. Other ways of building the application on Win32
  are not supported.
* Install the application correctly on Win32.
* Make FindGTK2.cmake search for GIO.
* Make the project a C-only project, so g++ is not needed.
* Remove obsolete checks for strtok().
* Set WIN32_EXECUTABLE on the application.
2011-01-22 18:07:08 +01:00