• v1.2.0 0fe0b56280

    p released this 2 years ago | 264 commits to master since this release

    • xC: added a /squery command for IRCnet

    • xC: added trivial support for SASL EXTERNAL, enabled by adding "sasl"
      to the respective server's "capabilities" list

    • xC: now supporting IRCv3.2 capability negotiation, including CAP DEL

    • xC: added support for IRCv3 chghost

    • xC: /deop and /devoice without arguments will use the client's user

    • xC: /set +=/-= now treats its argument as a string array

    • xC: made "/help /command" work the same way as "/help command" does

    • xC: /ban and /unban don't mangle extended bans anymore

    • xC: joining new channels no longer switches to their buffer
      if the input buffer isn't empty

    • censor.lua: now stripping colours from censored messages;
      their attributes are also configurable rather than always black on black