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Přemysl Eric Janouch 2e1212e415
Bump Go modules to 1.17
Alpine 3.19 Success Details
2021-08-19 05:38:22 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 54a65399e7
Convert to Go modules 2021-07-06 19:08:53 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c8013c77b0
Name change 2020-10-10 06:38:45 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 7847236dbc
Improve server shutdown
Less likely to corrupt data now.
2019-04-19 12:30:48 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 0fcc67c121
Fix the usage message 2019-04-19 12:30:13 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch c7597b73c2
Style fixes 2019-04-19 12:30:01 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 47de2cebaa
Relicense to 0BSD, update mail address
I've come to the conclusion that copyright mostly just stands in the way
of software development.  In my jurisdiction I cannot give up my own
copyright and 0BSD seems to be the closest thing to public domain.

The updated mail address, also used in my author/committer lines,
is shorter and looks nicer.  People rarely interact anyway.
2018-06-24 05:30:32 +02:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 59e315cf95
Add LICENSE 2017-12-02 13:23:33 +01:00
Přemysl Eric Janouch 4c71bc58e9
Initial commit
The most basic REST database you'll find.
2017-11-20 21:10:16 +01:00