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tdv - Translation dictionary viewer


tdv [OPTION]…​ [DICTIONARY.ifo]…​


tdv is a StarDict dictionary viewer, custom-tailored for translation dictionaries, with a simple curses-based terminal UI, and a GTK+ graphical UI.

Without any command line arguments, the program expects to find a list of dictionaries to load on start-up in its configuration file. The .ifo files contain information required to load dictionaries from their accompanying database files.



Launch the GUI even when run from a terminal.

-h, --help

Display a help message and exit.

-V, --version

Output version information and exit.


You can start your tdv.conf file with the following snippet:

center-search = true     # Ensure visibility of preceding entries?
underline-last = false   # Underline the last line of entries?
hl-common-prefix = true  # Highlight the longest common prefix?
watch-selection = true   # Watch X11 selection for changes?

The watch-selection option makes the application watch the X11 PRIMARY selection for changes and automatically search for any selected text. This feature requires XCB. Wayland is currently unsupported, but would require a compositor supporting the wlr-data-control protocol. Luckily, some compositors, such as Sway, synchronize selections with Xwayland.

To set up automatically loaded dictionaries, use the following scheme:

name 1 = ~/path/to/dict.ifo
name 2 = ~/another/dict.ifo

The left-hand side keys define their appearance in the tab bar.

Finally, to make the program look nicer in 256color black-on-white terminals, rather than rely on the universal default, try:

header = reverse
header-active = ul
search = ul
even = 16 231
odd = 16 255

Terminal attributes are accepted in a format similar to that of git-config(1), only named colours arent supported.


Because the StarDict file format is a bit of a clusterfuck with regard to collation of dictionary entries, this software introduces an additional, optional "collation" field into the .ifo file. When tdv discovers this field while reading a dictionary, it automatically reorders the index according to that locale (e.g., "cs_CZ"). This operation may take a little while, in the order of seconds.


tdv follows the XDG Base Directory Specification.


The configuration file.

Reporting bugs

Use to report bugs, request features, or submit pull requests.

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