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# To be run from cmake_install.cmake, eradicates all unreferenced libraries.
# CMake 3.9.6 has a parsing bug with ENCODING UTF-8.
cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 3.10)
# CPack runs this almost without any CMake variables at all
# (cmStateSnapshot::SetDefaultDefinitions(), CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX, [DESTDIR])
set (installdir "${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}")
if (NOT installdir OR installdir MATCHES "^/usr(/|$)")
return ()
endif ()
# The function is recursive and CMake has tragic scoping behaviour;
# environment variables are truly global there, in the absence of a cache
unset (ENV{seen})
function (expand path)
set (seen $ENV{seen})
if (path IN_LIST seen OR NOT EXISTS "${path}")
return ()
endif ()
set (ENV{seen} "$ENV{seen};${path}")
file (STRINGS "${path}" strings REGEX "[.][Dd][Ll][Ll]$" ENCODING UTF-8)
foreach (string ${strings})
string (REGEX MATCH "[-.+_a-zA-Z0-9]+$" word "${string}")
expand ("${installdir}/${word}")
endforeach ()
endfunction ()
file (GLOB roots LIST_DIRECTORIES false "${installdir}/*.[Ee][Xx][Ee]"
foreach (binary ${roots})
expand ("${binary}")
endforeach ()
file (GLOB libraries LIST_DIRECTORIES false "${installdir}/*.[Dd][Ll][Ll]")
list (REMOVE_ITEM libraries $ENV{seen})
file (REMOVE ${libraries})