Solvespace models for 3D printing
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Levinson Choc case

This is a parametric two-part CAD model of a case for the Nyquist PCB rev3 with Kailh PG1350 switches and the undesirable bits broken off. Slightly slanted forward to accomodate TRRS jack cables.

Front view
Back view
Without cover

It won’t be a great hassle to adapt this for rev3.5. It will be able to lay flat in that revision, saving print time and material. In general the jack connector was a major pain point (though there don’t seem to be any USB C cables angled on both sides available yet).

You’ll need

Print settings

  • recommended is the default 0.4mm nozzle with 0.2mm layer height, quality settings

  • increase extrusion width for solid infills until the print looks clear enough (0.55mm produced a good result)

  • the cover looks better with right-angled infills

  • use the Hilbert Curve for the bottom fill pattern to make it look nicer

  • similarly recommended is a textured sheet for the heatbed

Both halves fit onto the Mini’s print area. Increase heatbed temperature by approximately 5 degrees Celsius if printing from PLA then, or otherwise make sure that corners don’t lift off. Increase the temperature mid-print to salvage if you see this happening, it should lay back down.


  • it may not match exactly, depending on extrusion accuracy

  • the cover parts stand in the way of MBK keycaps, and the right part likes to lift off at the far end, preventing full keypresses

  • screw holes in the cover need some fiddling around but generally work

  • Solvespace is slow at computing the cover parts. You can remove them entirely, they serve an aesthetic purpose.


To the extent possible under law, Přemysl Eric Janouch has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the Levinson Choc case. This work is published from the Czech Republic.