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This program makes it possible to change the configuration of your SteelSeries
Sensei Raw mouse from within Linux, *BSD or any other POSIX-compatible system
supported by libusb.
Run `sensei-raw-ctl --help` or `man sensei-raw-ctl` for usage information.
If you don't fancy command line tools, there's also a basic GTK+ frontend
available. On Ubuntu and its derivatives, you should be able to find it in your
System Settings, though this feature has disappeared completely with newer GNOME
Supported devices
- SteelSeries Sensei Raw
- SteelSeries Call of Duty: Black Ops II
- SteelSeries Guild Wars 2
Regular releases are sporadic. git master should be stable enough.
You can get a package with the latest development version using Arch Linux's[AUR],
or as a[Nix derivation].
Build dependencies: cmake >= 3.0, help2man +
Runtime dependencies: libusb >= 1.0, gtk+ >= 3.0 (optional)
$ git clone
$ mkdir sensei-raw-ctl/build
$ cd sensei-raw-ctl/build
# make install
Note that there's no `make uninstall` and the GUI needs to be installed in the
right location in order to work correctly.
If you don't want the GUI frontend, append `-DBUILD_GUI=NO` to the `cmake`
command. The GUI also isn't going to be built if you don't have the GTK+ 3
development packages installed, if your distribution has any.
For Debian-based distros, you can do the following instead of the last step:
$ cpack -G DEB
# dpkg -i sensei-raw-ctl-*.deb
Contributing and Support
Use to report bugs, request features,
or submit pull requests. `git send-email` is tolerated. If you want to discuss
the project, feel free to join me at ircs://, channel #dev.
Bitcoin donations are accepted at: 12r5uEWEgcHC46xd64tt3hHt9EUvYYDHe9
This software is released under the terms of the 0BSD license, the text of which
is included within the package along with the list of authors.