Schematic editor
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Version 0.2.0
- Added a library pane instead of a toolbar.
- Added scrolling using the middle mouse button.
- View menu settings are remembered.
- Fixed command line parsing on Windows;
it's not limited to the system ANSI codepage anymore.
- Fixed checking for the Shift key when selecting.
- Terminals are ignored when hovering the cursor above a selection.
- Disallowed wheel zooming when holding mouse buttons.
- Fixed the behaviour of saving.
- Fixed rapid right-clicking rotating more than it should.
- Symbol categories are also loaded from user-specific directories.
- Show current zoom in the statusbar.
- Ported to GTK+ 3 and Lua 5.2.
- This is the last version supporting Windows XP (we use an outdated GTK+
bundle, support for this operating system has been dropped in version 3.18).
- Various unimportant fixes and changes.
- Known issues: Windows XP looks ugly now and there's little we can do.
Version 0.1.2
- Updated symbol library.
- Added Slovak, Polish and German translations.
- Rotation of symbols is also allowed while placing them.
- Now gluing to terminal points when creating connections.
- Toolbars and the grid can be hidden.
Version 0.1.1
- Rotation of symbols made possible.
- Connections can also be created at ends of other connections.
- Added more symbols.
- Internationalization, added Czech translation.
- Visual enhancement of symbol menus.
- The grid is drawn much faster.
- Diagrams can be opened from command line.
- The diagram file type is registered on Windows.
Version 0.1.0
- The first release.