Unethical IRC client, daemon and bot
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0.9.4 (2016-04-28) "Oops"
* degesch: fix crash on characters invalid in Windows-1252
* degesch: add an auto-rejoin plugin
* degesch: better date change messages with customizable formatting;
now also used in the backlog, so it looks closer to regular output
* ZyklonB: add a calc plugin providing a basic Scheme REPL
* ZyklonB: add a seen plugin
* kike, ZyklonB: use pledge(2) on OpenBSD
0.9.3 (2016-03-27) "Doesn't Even Suck"
* Use TLS Server Name Indication when connecting to servers
* degesch: now we erase the screen before displaying buffers
* degesch: implemented word wrapping in buffers
* degesch: added autocomplete for /topic
* degesch: Lua API was improved and extended
* degesch: added a basic last.fm "now playing" plugin
* degesch: backlog limit was made configurable
* degesch: allow changing the list of IRC capabilities to use if available
* degesch: optimize buffer memory usage
* degesch: added logging of messages sent from /quote and plugins
* degesch: M-! and M-a to go to the next buffer in order with
a highlight or new activity respectively
* degesch: added --format for previewing things like MOTD files
* degesch: added /buffer goto supporting case insensitive partial matches
* kike: add support for IRCv3.2 server-time
* ZyklonB: plugins now run in a dedicated data directory
* ZyklonB: added a factoids plugin
* Remote addresses are now resolved asynchronously
* Various bugfixes
0.9.2 (2015-12-31)
* degesch: added rudimentary support for Lua scripting
* degesch: added detection of pasting, so that it doesn't trigger other
keyboard shortcuts, such as for autocomplete
* degesch: added auto-away capability
* degesch: added an /oper command
* degesch: libedit backend works again
* degesch: added capability to edit the input line using VISUAL/EDITOR
* degesch: added Meta-Tab to switch to the last used buffer
* degesch: correctly respond to stopping and resuming (SIGTSTP)
* degesch: fixed decoding of text formatting
* degesch: unseen PMs now show up as highlights
* degesch: various bugfixes
0.9.1 (2015-09-25)
* All "ssl" options have been renamed to "tls"
* The project now builds on OpenBSD
* Pulled in kqueue support
* degesch: added backlog/scrollback functionality using less(1)
* degesch: made showing the entire set of channel mode user prefixes optional
* degesch: nicknames in /names are now ordered
* degesch: nicknames now use the 256-color terminal palette if available
* degesch: now we skip entries in the "addresses" list that can't be resolved
to an address, along with displaying a more helpful message
* degesch: joins, parts, nick changes and quits don't count as new buffer
activity anymore
* degesch: added Meta-H to open the full log file
* degesch: various bugfixes and little improvements
0.9.0 (2015-07-23)
* Initial release