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  Přemysl Janouch 4179a9bd49
Update NEWS, bump version 4 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch aa4e86c2a0
degesch: add a comment about ENOTCONN 6 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 5bbe9ceef8
Update NEWS 6 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch f80226620c
kike: fix wildcard handling in WHOIS 6 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 2fccfb10f7
kike: allow STATS with no parameters 6 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch b9eddabedd
kike: explicit conversion from pointer to boolean 6 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 50ed74a740
kike: break out properly on errors in MODE processing 6 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 3ca08badc2
kike: reset user modes while processing USER 6 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch b0f5b8c10d
kike: do nothing on equivalent renicks 6 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch d87d533078
kike: code cleanups 6 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 3c47e5b354
kike: fix grammar in hostname validation 6 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 54d3406175
kike: fix grammar in config item description 6 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch f79dd027e9
kike: add a comment about identifier encoding 6 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch fa78831cbd
Update NEWS, bump version 8 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 94b0ec80cf
fancy-prompt.lua: workaround a Readline UTF-8 bug 8 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 300f9a9708
Bump liberty 8 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch b1a89f313a
degesch: add static analysis for the logger 8 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch fab5115cd0
Remove .travis.yml 8 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch d0cb3c1ac6
Update README 8 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch a0e9ede3e3
Relicense to 0BSD, update mail address 8 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 787569e653
Update submodule URL for liberty 8 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 5d353b0721
Prepare NEWS for the next release 8 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 006d34eeae
degesch: fix some log messages 8 months ago
  Přemysl Janouch 19400ee8b7
kike: disable TLS session reuse 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 674ffb2f6d
kike: handle accept() errors better 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 6c30452b28
kike: thorough review, no functional changes 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 670e1c5770
kike: introduce cstr_set() 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 4586b0e1e4
degesch: introduce cstr_set() 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch b4507b56af
degesch: thorough review, no functional changes 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch bf6d507bb2
degesch: fix IPv6:port in irc_split_host_port() 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 099a49e6d5
degesch: fix a minor bug in buffer_merge() 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 4627ee82dd
degesch: simplify a popular assertion 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 682f90e989
degesch: simplify the configuration dumper 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 277af83100
degesch: show an error message on log write failure 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch a5a0078def
degesch: make buffer index computation easier to follow 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 868e34d15c
degesch: fix a Lua error message 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch dc47b16034
Bump liberty, avoid fall-through warnings 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch d0f19f8be3
Update README 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch ddb45a1cc4
Update README 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 3974919741
Update README 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 36be830bfc
degesch: better shift state encoding handling 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch f7dce5e861
slack.lua: add a feature to undo emoji 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 757047bd20
CMakeLists.txt: fix variable name 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch a2611cdc3c
Rework constructors/destructors 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 68bc297809
Bump liberty 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 933760c2a2
kike: fix two memory leaks 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 156ea32a90
slack.lua: support @here and @channel 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch f744681b17
slack.lua: improve input hook matching 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch bdc6334aec
slack.lua: more unfucking 1 year ago
  Přemysl Janouch 96864517c6
Fix licensing notice in README 1 year ago