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Also included is a simple IRC daemon that mostly follows the RFC's but is
limited to single-server networks, due to the protocol being incredibly ugly
and tricky to implement correctly. Even so, it took me a ridiculous amount of
time to write. (But it was a valuable exercise and I can reuse the code.)
and tricky to implement correctly. It is designed for use as a regular user
application rather than a system daemon.

So far the daemon lacks critical features, so don't even bother trying it.

Building and Running
Build dependencies: openssl, clang, pkg-config, make, awk, sh

If you don't have Clang, you can edit the Makefile to use GCC or TCC, they work
just as good. But there's no CMake support yet, so I force it in the Makefile.

$ git clone
$ make

That is all, no installation is required, or supported for that matter.

First you might want to generate a configuration file:
$ ./zyklonb --write-default-config
$ ./kike --write-default-config

After making any necessary edits to the file (there are comments to aid you in
doing that), simply run the appropriate program with no arguments:
$ ./zyklonb
$ ./kike

ZyklonB stays running in the foreground, so I recommend launching it inside
a Screen or tmux session. kike, on the other hand, immediately forks into the
background. Use something like `killall' if you want to terminate it.

I am not an antisemitist, I'm just being an offensive asshole with the naming.
And no, I'm not going to change the names.