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#include "termo.h"
#include <stdint.h>
#include <termios.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <iconv.h>
typedef struct termo_driver termo_driver_t;
struct termo_driver
const char *name;
void *(*new_driver) (termo_t *tk, const char *term);
void (*free_driver) (void *info);
int (*start_driver) (termo_t *tk, void *info);
int (*stop_driver) (termo_t *tk, void *info);
termo_result_t (*peekkey) (termo_t *tk,
void *info, termo_key_t *key, int force, size_t *nbytes);
typedef struct keyinfo keyinfo_t;
struct keyinfo
termo_type_t type;
termo_sym_t sym;
int modifier_mask;
int modifier_set;
typedef struct termo_driver_node termo_driver_node_t;
struct termo_driver_node
termo_driver_t *driver;
void *info;
termo_driver_node_t *next;
enum peekey_flags
struct termo
int fd;
int flags;
int canonflags;
unsigned char *buffer;
size_t buffstart; // First offset in buffer
size_t buffcount; // Number of entires valid in buffer
size_t buffsize; // Total malloc'ed size
// Position beyond buffstart at which peekkey() should next start.
// Normally 0, but see also termo_interpret_csi().
size_t hightide;
struct termios restore_termios;
bool restore_termios_valid;
int waittime; // In milliseconds
bool is_closed; // We've received EOF
bool is_started;
int nkeynames;
const char **keynames;
keyinfo_t c0[32]; // There are 32 C0 codes
iconv_t to_utf32_conv;
iconv_t from_utf32_conv;
termo_driver_node_t *drivers;
// Now some "protected" methods for the driver to call but which we don't
// want exported as real symbols in the library
void (*emit_codepoint) (termo_t *tk,
uint32_t codepoint, termo_key_t *key);
termo_result_t (*peekkey_simple) (termo_t *tk,
termo_key_t *key, int flags, size_t *nbytes);
termo_result_t (*peekkey_mouse) (termo_t *tk,
termo_key_t *key, size_t *nbytes);
// What we think should be the mouse protocol
termo_mouse_proto_t guessed_mouse_proto;
// The active mouse protocol
termo_mouse_proto_t mouse_proto;
// Mouse tracking mode
termo_mouse_tracking_t mouse_tracking;
// The mouse unfortunately directly depends on the terminfo driver to let
// it handle changes in the mouse protocol.
void *ti_data; // termo_ti_t pointer
bool (*set_mouse_proto) (void *, termo_mouse_proto_t, bool);
bool (*set_mouse_tracking_mode) (void *, termo_mouse_tracking_t, bool);
static inline void
termo_key_get_linecol (const termo_key_t *key, int *line, int *col)
if (col)
*col = key->code.mouse.x;
if (line)
*line = key->code.mouse.y;
static inline void
termo_key_set_linecol (termo_key_t *key, int line, int col)
if (line > UINT16_MAX)
line = UINT16_MAX;
if (col > UINT16_MAX)
col = UINT16_MAX;
key->code.mouse.x = col;
key->code.mouse.y = line;
extern termo_driver_t termo_driver_csi;
extern termo_driver_t termo_driver_ti;
#endif // ! TERMO_INTERNAL_H