Fix an unimportant memory leak

Přemysl Eric Janouch 5 years ago
parent 2efaed1a56
commit fcc0c3ef2d
Signed by: p
GPG Key ID: A0420B94F92B9493

@ -58,6 +58,15 @@ unichar_width (gunichar ch)
return 1 + g_unichar_iswide (ch);
static guint
add_read_watch (int fd, GIOFunc func, gpointer user_data)
GIOChannel *channel = g_io_channel_unix_new (fd);
guint res = g_io_add_watch (channel, G_IO_IN, func, user_data);
g_io_channel_unref (channel);
return res;
// At times, GLib even with its sheer size is surprisingly useless,
// and I need to port some code over from "liberty".
@ -2083,8 +2092,8 @@ selection_watch_init (SelectionWatch *self, Application *app)
(void) xcb_flush (self->X);
self->watch = g_io_add_watch (g_io_channel_unix_new
(xcb_get_file_descriptor (self->X)), G_IO_IN, process_x11, self);
self->watch = add_read_watch
(xcb_get_file_descriptor (self->X), process_x11, self);
// Never NULL so that we don't need to care about pointer validity
self->buffer = g_string_new (NULL);
@ -2291,10 +2300,10 @@ G_GNUC_END_IGNORE_DEPRECATIONS
// Message loop
guint watch_term = g_unix_signal_add (SIGTERM, on_terminated, &app);
guint watch_int = g_unix_signal_add (SIGINT, on_terminated, &app);
guint watch_stdin = g_io_add_watch (g_io_channel_unix_new (STDIN_FILENO),
G_IO_IN, process_stdin_input, &app);
guint watch_winch = g_io_add_watch (g_io_channel_unix_new (g_winch_pipe[0]),
G_IO_IN, process_winch_input, &app);
guint watch_stdin = add_read_watch
(STDIN_FILENO, process_stdin_input, &app);
guint watch_winch = add_read_watch
(g_winch_pipe[0], process_winch_input, &app);
#ifdef WITH_X11
SelectionWatch sw;