Fix the test target and unargumented ctest

CMake does know how to be tough on users, but we've won at last.
Přemysl Eric Janouch 2 years ago
parent 0f45b9bf3b
commit 451859e976
Signed by: p
GPG Key ID: A0420B94F92B9493

@ -72,9 +72,11 @@ if (USE_SYSTEM_TERMO)
message (FATAL_ERROR "System termo library not found")
endif ()
else ()
# We don't want the library to install, even though EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL
# sabotages CTest -- those unbuilt tests need to be excluded in CTest runs
# We don't want the library to install, but EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL ignores tests
add_subdirectory (termo EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)
file (WRITE ${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/CTestCustom.cmake
"execute_process (COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} --build termo)")
# We don't have many good choices; this is a relatively clean approach
# (other possibilities: setting a variable in the parent scope, using
# a cache variable, writing a special config file with build paths in it