SteelSeries Sensei Raw control utility
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This program makes it possible to change the configuration of your SteelSeries Sensei Raw mouse from within Linux, *BSD or any other POSIX-compatible system supported by libusb.

Run sensei-raw-ctl --help or man sensei-raw-ctl for usage information.

If you dont fancy command line tools, theres also a basic GTK+ frontend available. On Ubuntu and its derivates, you should be able to find it in your System Settings.

Supported devices

  • SteelSeries Sensei Raw

  • SteelSeries Call of Duty: Black Ops II

  • SteelSeries Guild Wars 2


Build dependencies: cmake >= 2.8.5, help2man
Runtime dependencies: libusb >= 1.0, gtk+ >= 3.0 (optional)

$ git clone git://
$ mkdir sensei-raw-ctl/build
$ cd sensei-raw-ctl/build
# make install

Note that theres no make uninstall and the GUI needs to be installed in the right location in order to work correctly.

If you dont want the GUI frontend, append -DBUILD_GUI=NO to the cmake command. The GUI also isnt going to be built if you dont have the GTK+ 3 development packages installed, if your distribution has any.

For Debian-based distros, you can do the following instead of the last step:

$ cpack -G DEB
# dpkg -i sensei-raw-ctl-*.deb

Note that for versions of CMake before 2.8.9, you need to prefix cpack with fakeroot or file ownership will end up wrong.

Contributing and Support

Use this projects GitHub to report any bugs, request features, or submit pull requests. If you want to discuss this project, or maybe just hang out with the developer, feel free to join me at irc://, channel #anathema.


sensei-raw-ctl is written by Přemysl Janouch <>.

You may use the software under the terms of the ISC license, the text of which is included within the package, or, at your option, you may relicense the work under the MIT or the Modified BSD License, as listed at the following site: