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:doctype: manpage
:manmanual: sdtui Manual
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sdtui - StarDict terminal UI
*sdtui* [_OPTION_]... [_DICTIONARY_.ifo]...
*sdtui* is a StarDict dictionary viewer, custom-tailored for translation
dictionaries, with a simple curses-based terminal UI.
Without any command line arguments, the program expects to find a list of
dictionaries to load on start-up in its configuration file. The _.ifo_ files
contain information required to load dictionaries from their accompanying
database files.
*-h*, *--help*::
Display a help message and exit.
*-V*, *--version*::
Output version information and exit.
You can start your _sdtui.conf_ file with the following snippet:
center-search = true # Ensure visibility of preceding entries?
underline-last = false # Underline the last line of entries?
hl-common-prefix = true # Highlight the longest common prefix?
watch-selection = true # Watch X11 selection for changes?
The _watch-selection_ option makes the application watch the X11 PRIMARY
selection for changes and automatically search for any selected text.
This feature requires XCB. Wayland is currently unsupported,
but would require a compositor supporting the wlr-data-control protocol.
Luckily, some compositors, such as Sway, synchronize selections with Xwayland.
To set up automatically loaded dictionaries, use the following scheme:
// AsciiDoc would otherwise like to process tildes as a long subscript.
:tilde: ~
_name 1_ = __{tilde}/path/to/dict.ifo__
_name 2_ = __{tilde}/another/dict.ifo__
The left-hand side keys define their appearance in the tab bar.
Finally, to make the program look nicer in 256color black-on-white terminals,
rather than rely on the universal default, try:
header = reverse
header-active = ul
search = ul
even = 16 231
odd = 16 255
Terminal attributes are accepted in a format similar to that of *git-config*(1),
only named colours aren't supported.
Because the StarDict file format is a bit of a clusterfuck with regard to
collation of dictionary entries, this software introduces an additional,
optional "collation" field into the '.ifo' file. When *sdtui* discovers this
field while reading a dictionary, it automatically reorders the index according
to that locale (e.g., "cs_CZ"). This operation may take a little while,
in the order of seconds.
*sdtui* follows the XDG Base Directory Specification.
The configuration file.
Reporting bugs
Use to report bugs, request features,
or submit pull requests.
See also