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:doctype: manpage
:manmanual: pdf-simple-sign Manual
:mansource: pdf-simple-sign {release-version}
pdf-simple-sign - a simple PDF signer
*pdf-simple-sign* [_OPTION_]... _INPUT.pdf_ _OUTPUT.pdf_ _KEY-PAIR.p12_ _PASSWORD_
*pdf-simple-sign* is a simple PDF signer intended for documents produced by
the Cairo library, GNU troff, ImageMagick, or similar. As such, it currently
comes with some restrictions:
* the document may not have any forms or signatures already, as they would be
* the document may not employ cross-reference streams, or must constitute
a hybrid-reference file at least.
The key and certificate pair is accepted in the PKCS#12 format. The _PASSWORD_
must be supplied on the command line, and may be empty if it is not needed.
The signature is attached to the first page and has no appearance.
If signature data don't fit within the default reservation of 4 kibibytes,
you might need to adjust it using the *-r* option, or throw out any unnecessary
intermediate certificates.
*-r* _RESERVATION_, *--reservation*=_RESERVATION_::
Set aside _RESERVATION_ amount of bytes for the resulting signature.
Feel free to try a few values in a loop. The program itself has no
conceptions about the data, so it can't make accurate predictions.
*-h*, *--help*::
Display a help message and exit.
*-V*, *--version*::
Output version information and exit.
Create a self-signed certificate, make a document containing the current date,
sign it and verify the attached signature:
$ openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -subj /CN=Test -nodes \
-keyout key.pem -x509 -addext keyUsage=digitalSignature \
-out cert.pem 2>/dev/null
$ openssl pkcs12 -inkey key.pem -in cert.pem \
-export -passout pass: -out key-pair.p12
$ date | groff -T pdf > test.pdf
$ pdf-simple-sign test.pdf test.signed.pdf key-pair.p12 ""
$ pdfsig test.signed.pdf
Digital Signature Info of: test.signed.pdf
Signature #1:
- Signer Certificate Common Name: Test
- Signer full Distinguished Name: CN=Test
- Signing Time: Sep 05 2020 19:41:22
- Signing Hash Algorithm: SHA-256
- Signature Type: adbe.pkcs7.detached
- Signed Ranges: [0 - 6522], [14716 - 15243]
- Total document signed
- Signature Validation: Signature is Valid.
- Certificate Validation: Certificate issuer isn't Trusted.
Reporting bugs
Use to report bugs, request features,
or submit pull requests.
See also
*openssl*(1), *pdfsig*(1)