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These are the fonts used on the Nokia 3310 phone.  I've reconstructed them by
hand, by looking at the screen and drawing the characters as I see them into
GIMP, and then done some processing to make this actually useful.

nokia-fonts.png is the original image I've drawn with some colour-coded
information you shouldn't need to care about.

Accented characters not included. Some of them are over here, should you wish
to add them yourself:

Use nokia-fonts.c, as the textual representation doesn't specify the real
horizontal advance for the characters (some of them don't have a 1px space to
the right of them). I've fixed this manually.

I've found this useful in VIM to highlight the zeros:
:highlight mygroup ctermbg=red
:match mygroup /0/

There are also some BDF files provided, so that you can e.g. create a TTF file
by converting them using fontforge and happily use the fonts wherever you like.

I've compiled two example TTF files for your convenience.