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NONE, Do nothing
QUIT, Quit
REDRAW, Redraw screen
ABORT, Abort
TAB_HELP, Switch to help tab
TAB_LAST, Switch to last tab
TAB_PREVIOUS, Switch to previous tab
TAB_NEXT, Switch to next tab
MPD_TOGGLE, Toggle play/pause
MPD_STOP, Stop playback
MPD_PREVIOUS, Previous song
MPD_NEXT, Next song
MPD_BACKWARD, Seek backwards
MPD_FORWARD, Seek forwards
MPD_VOLUME_UP, Increase MPD volume
MPD_VOLUME_DOWN, Decrease MPD volume
MPD_SEARCH, Global search
MPD_ADD, Add selection to playlist
MPD_REPLACE, Replace playlist
MPD_REPEAT, Toggle repeat
MPD_RANDOM, Toggle random playback
MPD_SINGLE, Toggle single song playback
MPD_CONSUME, Toggle consume
MPD_UPDATE_DB, Update MPD database
MPD_COMMAND, Send raw command to MPD
PULSE_VOLUME_UP, Increase PulseAudio volume
PULSE_VOLUME_DOWN, Decrease PulseAudio volume
PULSE_MUTE, Toggle PulseAudio sink mute
CHOOSE, Choose item
DELETE, Delete item
DESCRIBE, Describe item
UP, Go up a level
MULTISELECT, Toggle multiselect
INCREMENTAL_SEARCH, Incremental search
SCROLL_UP, Scroll up
SCROLL_DOWN, Scroll down
CENTER_CURSOR, Center the cursor
MOVE_UP, Move selection up
MOVE_DOWN, Move selection down
GOTO_TOP, Go to top
GOTO_BOTTOM, Go to bottom
GOTO_ITEM_PREVIOUS, Go to previous item
GOTO_ITEM_NEXT, Go to next item
GOTO_PAGE_PREVIOUS, Go to previous page
GOTO_PAGE_NEXT, Go to next page
GOTO_VIEW_TOP, Select top item
GOTO_VIEW_CENTER, Select center item
GOTO_VIEW_BOTTOM, Select bottom item
EDITOR_CONFIRM, Confirm input
EDITOR_B_CHAR, Go back a character
EDITOR_F_CHAR, Go forward a character
EDITOR_B_WORD, Go back a word
EDITOR_F_WORD, Go forward a word
EDITOR_HOME, Go to start of line
EDITOR_END, Go to end of line
EDITOR_UPCASE_WORD, Convert word to uppercase
EDITOR_DOWNCASE_WORD, Convert word to lowercase
EDITOR_B_DELETE, Delete last character
EDITOR_F_DELETE, Delete next character
EDITOR_B_KILL_WORD, Delete last word
EDITOR_B_KILL_LINE, Delete everything up to BOL
EDITOR_F_KILL_LINE, Delete everything up to EOL