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* Added ability to look up song lyrics,
using a new scriptable extension interface for the Info tab
* Improved song information shown in the window header
* Escape no longer quits the program
* X11: added italic font support
* X11: fixed rendering of overflowing, partially visible list items
* Added Readline-like M-u, M-l, M-c editor bindings
2.0.0 (2022-09-03)
* Added an optional X11 user interface
* Implemented mouse drags on the elapsed time gauge and the scrollbar
* Added Tab and S-Tab bindings to iterate tabs
* Added a "z" binding to center the view on the selected item
* Added a "?" binding to describe items in various tabs
* Made it possible to adjust the spectrum analyzer's FPS limit
* Moved "Disconnected" and "Connecting..." messages to the status bar
* Fixed possibility of connection timeouts with PulseAudio integration
1.2.0 (2021-12-21)
* Added ability to control the volume of MPD's current PulseAudio sink
* Now fetching Internet stream information asynchronously
* Added basic incremental search, normally bound to C-s, in all tabs
* Fixed jumping to the beginning of the queue after deleting items
1.1.1 (2021-11-04)
* Terminal focus in/out events no longer ring the terminall bell
* Made mouse work in non-rxvt terminals with recent xterm terminfo
1.1.0 (2021-10-21)
* Now requesting and processing terminal de/focus events,
using a new "defocused" attribute for selected rows
* Made it possible to show a spectrum visualiser when built against FFTW
* Any program arguments are now added to MPD's current playlist
1.0.0 (2020-11-05)
* Coming with a real manual page instead of a help2man-generated stub
* Added a mode to poll MPD for the elapsed time, enabled by default,
fixing two cases of improper tracking
* Started showing song duration in the library
* Added C-PgUp/PgDown and C-Left/Right bindings to iterate tabs
* Added VIM-like C-y and C-e bindings for scrolling
* Added Windows Explorer-like M-Up binding to go up a directory
* Worked around a cURL bug crashing the application
* Fixed handling of direct SHOUTcast streams
* Miscellaneous little fixes
0.9.0 (2018-11-02)
* Initial release