Testing ground for GUI
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1 RPL_WELCOME ":Welcome to the Internet Relay Network %s!%s@%s"
2 RPL_YOURHOST ":Your host is %s, running version %s"
3 RPL_CREATED ":This server was created %s"
4 RPL_MYINFO "%s %s %s %s"
5 RPL_ISUPPORT "%s :are supported by this server"
211 RPL_STATSLINKINFO "%s %zu %zu %zu %zu %zu %lld"
212 RPL_STATSCOMMANDS "%s %zu %zu %zu"
219 RPL_ENDOFSTATS "%c :End of STATS report"
221 RPL_UMODEIS "+%s"
242 RPL_STATSUPTIME ":Server Up %d days %d:%02d:%02d"
251 RPL_LUSERCLIENT ":There are %d users and %d services on %d servers"
252 RPL_LUSEROP "%d :operator(s) online"
253 RPL_LUSERUNKNOWN "%d :unknown connection(s)"
254 RPL_LUSERCHANNELS "%d :channels formed"
255 RPL_LUSERME ":I have %d clients and %d servers"
301 RPL_AWAY "%s :%s"
302 RPL_USERHOST ":%s"
303 RPL_ISON ":%s"
305 RPL_UNAWAY ":You are no longer marked as being away"
306 RPL_NOWAWAY ":You have been marked as being away"
311 RPL_WHOISUSER "%s %s %s * :%s"
312 RPL_WHOISSERVER "%s %s :%s"
313 RPL_WHOISOPERATOR "%s :is an IRC operator"
314 RPL_WHOWASUSER "%s %s %s * :%s"
315 RPL_ENDOFWHO "%s :End of WHO list"
317 RPL_WHOISIDLE "%s %d :seconds idle"
318 RPL_ENDOFWHOIS "%s :End of WHOIS list"
322 RPL_LIST "%s %d :%s"
323 RPL_LISTEND ":End of LIST"
329 RPL_CREATIONTIME "%s %lld"
331 RPL_NOTOPIC "%s :No topic is set"
332 RPL_TOPIC "%s :%s"
333 RPL_TOPICWHOTIME "%s %s %lld"
341 RPL_INVITING "%s %s"
346 RPL_INVITELIST "%s %s"
347 RPL_ENDOFINVITELIST "%s :End of channel invite list"
348 RPL_EXCEPTLIST "%s %s"
349 RPL_ENDOFEXCEPTLIST "%s :End of channel exception list"
351 RPL_VERSION "%s.%d %s :%s"
352 RPL_WHOREPLY "%s %s %s %s %s %s :%d %s"
353 RPL_NAMREPLY "%c %s :%s"
364 RPL_LINKS "%s %s :%d %s"
365 RPL_ENDOFLINKS "%s :End of LINKS list"
366 RPL_ENDOFNAMES "%s :End of NAMES list"
367 RPL_BANLIST "%s %s"
368 RPL_ENDOFBANLIST "%s :End of channel ban list"
372 RPL_MOTD ":- %s"
375 RPL_MOTDSTART ":- %s Message of the day - "
376 RPL_ENDOFMOTD ":End of MOTD command"
391 RPL_TIME "%s :%s"
401 ERR_NOSUCHNICK "%s :No such nick/channel"
402 ERR_NOSUCHSERVER "%s :No such server"
403 ERR_NOSUCHCHANNEL "%s :No such channel"
404 ERR_CANNOTSENDTOCHAN "%s :Cannot send to channel"
406 ERR_WASNOSUCHNICK "%s :There was no such nickname"
409 ERR_NOORIGIN ":No origin specified"
411 ERR_NORECIPIENT ":No recipient given (%s)"
412 ERR_NOTEXTTOSEND ":No text to send"
421 ERR_UNKNOWNCOMMAND "%s: Unknown command"
422 ERR_NOMOTD ":MOTD File is missing"
423 ERR_NOADMININFO "%s :No administrative info available"
431 ERR_NONICKNAMEGIVEN ":No nickname given"
432 ERR_ERRONEOUSNICKNAME "%s :Erroneous nickname"
433 ERR_NICKNAMEINUSE "%s :Nickname is already in use"
441 ERR_USERNOTINCHANNEL "%s %s :They aren't on that channel"
442 ERR_NOTONCHANNEL "%s :You're not on that channel"
443 ERR_USERONCHANNEL "%s %s :is already on channel"
445 ERR_SUMMONDISABLED ":SUMMON has been disabled"
446 ERR_USERSDISABLED ":USERS has been disabled"
451 ERR_NOTREGISTERED ":You have not registered"
461 ERR_NEEDMOREPARAMS "%s :Not enough parameters"
462 ERR_ALREADYREGISTERED ":Unauthorized command (already registered)"
467 ERR_KEYSET "%s :Channel key already set"
471 ERR_CHANNELISFULL "%s :Cannot join channel (+l)"
472 ERR_UNKNOWNMODE "%c :is unknown mode char to me for %s"
473 ERR_INVITEONLYCHAN "%s :Cannot join channel (+i)"
474 ERR_BANNEDFROMCHAN "%s :Cannot join channel (+b)"
475 ERR_BADCHANNELKEY "%s :Cannot join channel (+k)"
476 ERR_BADCHANMASK "%s :Bad Channel Mask"
481 ERR_NOPRIVILEGES ":Permission Denied- You're not an IRC operator"
482 ERR_CHANOPRIVSNEEDED "%s :You're not channel operator"
502 ERR_USERSDONTMATCH ":Cannot change mode for other users"